Friday, 16 August 2013


Yehaaaaa, I got daddy's boot!!! I stole it and ran like the wind around the garden!
No minion can stop me, yep, I am the great thieving escape artist. Mum and dad were even looking at me unimpressed. I got them gooooood!!!
The only thing is that the boot was a bit strong on the smell department...
I was running sooooo fast that I could see my back paws at the same place than my front paws!
But mummy stormed back in the house and back out, then the kill joys got some of the jumps and stopped my way. Then they got that slip lead around my neck and mum frog-marched me to my crate. Uh oh! Crate with comfy bed removed... I'm seriously in the dog house! What do they mean by time out to think of my actions? Can I go back out? Hey... who turned off the lights?? Remove that blanket!!
Pfff, I had so much fun.... I quite liked my "actions", grump :(...

Irresistible temptation

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