Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Another one for the record!

I'm telling you, they are trying to get me depressed. They are inventing numerous ways to torture me. For quite a bit, they have decided under the false pretences of keeping me steady and focussed on my stays (whatever all those silly words mean...), that they were going to make me wait and leave the food and treats they place in front of me, until they release me. For EVERYTHING I have to wait for an eternity!! And they usually leave the stuff right under my nose, sometime even on my paws!

Last time, they made me wait so long with my dinner under my nose that I nearly had soup... Well, yes that makes me salivate a bit you see, when the food is under my nose, so I end up dribbling a tad, or a lot, fairly quickly too.... Mum says she is amazed how I can slobber that much that quickly... Well next time she gets her dinner, I'll put it under her nose until she starves and we will see if she doesn't have a bit of salivation going.... They never feed me enough but they get plenty for themselves, I've seen it. I'm not even going to add I have seen mum eat some of my treats from the saturday training, YES, MYYYYY treats. She says it's good stuff, but it is still MYYYY treats. And she didn't even sit or down for it, or any of that malarkey, tsss.... Will their villainy have no limit...

You see what I mean...

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