Saturday, 3 August 2013

Mister Flea's demise

Mawson is pretty good for a big silly pup, and has not chewed/destroyed too many things in the house (considering...). At nearly 17 month old, he still has toys that he got when he first got here, at 9 week old! One of the first toy he had was a soft toy in the form of a flea. We found that so cute with Martin that we had to get it... And Mister Flea became an instant hit with Mawson, was being carried away and squeaked everywhere.
The original look of Mister Flea

Now, a little while ago, Mawson decided that mister Flea needed a bit of a revamp... I don't know if that was part of an imaginary puppy horror story, or if mister Flea gave him "the look", but all I know is that we came back one day to a fully blinded Flea, looking rather sorry for himself! I succeeded to do a saw up job and gave him back a bit of his dignity (I was quite impressed with myself, I must say!) but mister Flea has never been the same flea ever since. And somehow, I am not sure there was a lot of remorse, from a certain naughty pup, at the demise of his life-long faithful friend...

doesn't look remorseful to me...

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