Monday, 26 August 2013

Losing ones mar(balls?)

Sometimes, I wonder about what is passing through Mawson's head.
We have a deck in the backyard, and there is a little space where it's not stuck to the ground. Mawson has decided that it would be fun to push his bouncy balls through. Then whine because he wanted them back. Last time he put one under there, Martin succeeded to get it back as it was not too far in. But yesterday Mawson was in a whole new experimentation zone. He was hovering around there with cool yellow dude ball and I told him to be careful. Obviously a few seconds later I saw a flat Mawson whining, he had dropped his ball near and it rolled out of sight under there. I grumpily had a go and tell him that he lost it and that he had only himself to blame. We were still in a bit of a play/training mode so I went to get a new bouncy ball, but warned him to not go anywhere near that hole or that would be it....

certainly how cool yellow ball looks like now

He was obviously floating about there. Got warned twice to get away from the place and I had the bad idea to turn around to go and do something else for a couple of minutes... Only to come back to a flat Mawson pancake staring at the hole without ball number 2.... *sight*... That dog is a little shit....

And the worst thing of all is that we are convinced that he is not really upset because he lost his ball, it's not really about retrieving that ball to play with it. He knows we have a huge stash of them because: 1) he let's every dog steal his balls, 2) some of these dogs have such fun popping and destroying those stolen balls, so we always have a few with us, but mostly 3) we neeeed those balls, they are more efficient than food treats to get Mawson's attention and he is so conditioned to fetch back that even if we throw it he will always come back to the difference of ropes where he goes prancing around with his prize. Anyway I digress, back to the lost balls... He loses them in difficult places, more to look at the process we employ to retrieve them, to look at us wiggle about and at the most opportune moment jump on us to wrestle and lick our faces clean... I said that dog was a little shit....

according to Mawson balls go in here

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