Thursday, 27 March 2014

I'll munch them!!

I am absolutely appalled!! Once again the chicks have stepped over the line! I thought it was weird when I heard some noise outside on Monday so I went to check and look what they did while I was out!! They wrote all over my blog. AND they insult me as well!!
I can't even count on the minions to be fair, when I showed that to mum she just shrugged and giggled, telling me that I had only myself to blame for not logging off!! There is obvious bias! Since when can the chicks get out of trouble and I'm not the most spoilt, uh I mean "loved" puppy in the whole world mmm?

I tell you, when the minions are not looking, I'll go and tell those girls what I think about their behaviour... Ok I need to open those doors, and I'll need the keys, and also I'll need to do a bit of tricky paw work to open those locks... All right, I'll write them a strong worded letter, that should do the trick...

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Mum's still sick and she said she didn't want to write a big blog. So I got to paw something all on my own while she wallows in misery...
So I thought I would just add a photo of ME!! Phew that was so exhausting... need a snooze now...

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Trick and Treat Tuesday: a balancing act

Hi pals, mum and I thought of talking about this trick from a chat I had on twitter with a buddy of mine. This trick is all about patience and steadiness, mmm doesn't start to sound easy does it?!... Well it's not that easy I guess. The trick is balancing things on my head/nose. It can be food (my preferred version) or objects (mum's preferred version cause she makes me look silly....).

Mawson what are you doing? I'm sick, we'll do some tricks later...

Don't worry mum, just open the treat box and I'll take it from there... 
So where was I? Yes balancing things.
This trick needs some basic obedience/behaviour training from us pups:
- wait (preferably a good sit-wait, but as long as us pup aren't running around that's good enough)
- leave (that's a hard one, not to rush towards any food for immediate ingestion ;P I'll get onto that later) 

... and basic obedience training from the minions:
- patience (cause I haven't got any for this nonsense so mum needs it for the two of us!)
- sense of humour (a treats that falls off nose is the same as a treat in my belly, just need to be quick enough)
- dish up the treats!! (well I'm not going to do all that nonsense for free, am I!!)

What is happening on here, Mawson? Oh you're writing a trick training post! Shall I take it on from here? ok...

Monday, 24 March 2014

Our new bachelorette pad

*giggles* oh stop it girls I need to type... 

Hi there, the girls here! We played a good one on the big furry thing. He is looking for us outside pahaha. And as he never logs out of his accounts we've taken over, he's going to be mad :P

We finally moved into our new house yesterday. The big furry monster kept staring at us in the other room we had. So inconsiderate... A girl needs a bit of privacy, thank you. And the noise! We nearly had to peck at his nose to quiet him down... And who knows where he placed that unsanitary!

The humans made us a purpose built house, fit for the ladies we are. It's quite roomy so we can have parties and invite our girlfriends along. We might even invite the some cockerels, gosh that little Barnevelder has got so many naughty ideas, and she seems so sweet too, you'd never know!! It's going to be wild! 
the Barnevelder wild child
The nearly finished version:
front door and box nest door
We have demanded a constant provision of caterpillars too, but now that our house has got a garden, we can find them ourselves instead of waiting for the female human to bring us some. She is pretty slow at finding them. Look at us in our backyard, stretching our legs.
And with the sun, it is heavenly... I might even sip out my bikini a bit later and go featherless, why not after all. It's so liberating ;)...
Oh what is that obtrusion in our house, we are having a rest, and I haven't done my hair!! shoo... go away! shoo...
Oh... we have to go, I think I can hear the big furry thing coming back, hihihi! Tada darlings... *air kisses* mwah *bats eyelids*... ahhhh the big furry thing's here! Girls ruuunnnn HIHIhihihihi....

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Another big weekend

The minions and I had another crazy big weekend. Lots of my buddies from agility were away to a full weekend trial, so there was not as many pups at training on saturday morning. We did a lot of jumping! And it was hot! Was supposed to be raining and cool from what dad told us, uh dad? where did you get your forecast??

In between agility runs the minions took me around either walking or running after the ball and doing some retrieving training. Was full on!
Then went back home, but dad and I went a different way! We passed next to the train station and we picked up nana!! Yay, she came back home with us :D
When we arrived back home I still demanded a swim before my cuddles though. And then we played with the chickens :)... ok not really... I wish...
The minions have been on a drive to finish the chicks new bachelorette pad, due to my threat of an eviction letter for disturbing my peace. So they said that we were going to do some training. Basically that means they spent the afternoon torturing me... But at least the coop is advancing.
see tortured...
I was so good that I got some lamb neck for dinner, yummy! And plenty of cuddles :)
This morning I had to drag mum out of bed for our big sunday morning walk. It was really hard work, she's getting sneakier and sneakier. I push her one way and she just rolls the other. Took me a whole 30 minutes... as if 7am was sooo early!?! gosh she's lazy...

Well after a bit she finally got ready and we went  for a walk. Was fun, lots of challenges for me as there was a cycling event going in the area. Lots of families and little kids on bikes. But I behaved perfectly and did not get stressed at all. Yay me!!
The only thing that upset mum was that we crossed the path of lots of small pups who just yapped and tried to lunge at me :( Wasn't even looking at them or paying them any attention. We even had two different off leash dogs rushing towards us in the street, not in a very friendly matter. We were just walking! Mum stopped them and told them to ahem... go back home... but she didn't use those words exactly...
Anyway was still a fab walk and longer that what mum though of doing, I'm not going to complain about that!
magic mushrooms :)
When we got back nana was just getting ready to go, hope she'll be back soon. I sniffed out some little cuttlefish bones she forgot just after she left though. Twas for her cockatiel! We'll keep them safe here.

Then the minions did some more stuff on the chicks pad and then they went all excited, so I did too. Didn't want to miss out you see... even if I had no real idea why...

But the minions were acting suspiciously... they gave me a pig's ear and placed my bed just in front of the window, then they went out without me...
And guess what I saw them do!!!! They had caught the chicks and were parading about in the front garden. WHAT?!! I can't play with the chicks and they can? That is NOT fair!!
At least they came back to take me over there, but they didn't let me play with them still. Really not fair. The chicks were running around and gosh I really wanted to play... Ooops think the minions said more training required *sigh*
all right I'll sit down but only if they
stop shaking their  feathery bums at me
Was so much packed into this weekend, I've only just given the highlights here, so dad and I went to have a nice relaxing dip in the spa :) no bubbles though... a bit too scary.
ahhhh relaaaaxxx
I found a new thing to do this evening, I have been staring at the minions intently without saying anything. Drove them a bit crazy mwahaha. I got a bit tired of staring after a while so started snoozing but I keep that idea for later. It was too good tsehehe.
what do you mean stop staring?

Friday, 21 March 2014

Trotting about

Had a lovely walk with mum tonight, was really happy! And mum took some very yum treats... we even had some raw mince!! I mean when I say we... didn't let mum have any for herself...
It's getting dark earlier already and we've seen some beautiful sky colours. Mum was looking at that but I was more interested in tracking those pesky cats in their driveways... I know they are there, I can smell them, didn't see them though. But I got the distinct impression that mum was giggling and talking with something behind me while I was trying to sniff them out a bit further.... Wonder who she was talking to??
We also met some cool neighbours. A lovely old lady labrador who was walking her dad. She was really friendly and wanted to play, me too! But unfortunately her age was showing a bit and she's had some surgery too so she couldn't really move well. I've been a good boy and I didn't mess her around. I'm a gentleman like that, don't want to ball over lovely elderlies! 
T'was a good time, now I'm off to bed, need to get some zzz before training tomorrow. And I need to get my pom poms to cheer on my buds who are going to a full weekend of agility trial. Not going me, the minions had "too much work"...pfff...

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Retrieving workshop and training

The minions went to a workshop at our training club (NSDTC) on wednesday evening. Ray Temple talked about Gun Dog training and retrieving work and Cody did some demonstration of his skills! It was fab! The minions had already been talking a bit with him before and they had got some great training tips. Now they have said that we would restart some more serious training, yay!
I'm not too sure why they think I need that much training though... Personally I think I am such a natural! I am a great hunter, even if mum doesn't agree!! But I will humour them... Anyway you can make your mind yourself... and I've been practising, what do you think?
In the woods
and at home
Ok mum isn't too pleased that I have been honing my skills with some feathery ladies as targets, but she said that actually I was progressing with my training. She must be meaning that my hunting skills are getting better. What is she mumbling? I'm getting better behaved with the chicks... See she said I was getting better with... uh, wait what??
Find the chickens...
hint: they are that way!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Minions always exaggerate...

Oh my... I know I just received the certificate for my jumping dog title, and I really like agility but I think the person who set up that course overdid it a bit in the size department!!

It's a tad high and wide and I'm pretty sure that some of my slightly smaller fellow agility dogs won't be able to pass that!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Another silly turkey!

What is it with bush turkeys?? They are not really intelligent really. We encountered one on our walk with mum. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still interested and give them a look, but they are so silly that a little leave it from the minions will do to take my attention away from them.

So here we pass along next to the big turkey... And then what does it do? Starts following us! Couldn't get rid of the thing... It even got attacked by some nasty mynah birds, felt a bit sorry for the brainless turkey...

Guess it's not the poor bird's fault... But geez let me draw you a picture mate: me hunting dog, you bird prey of hunting dog... prey does not follow hunter... Is that clearer?? Mmmmm not convinced it went through, I'll keep going maybe with repetition and treats? Will ask mum to get her clicker for clicker training the bush turkey next time, we'll put a bit of sense in that little head!
crazy turkey...

Monday, 17 March 2014


Argh!!! Look what daddy found under the cushion of the outdoors chairs!!! *gasp* A red back spider... They are nasty little beasts those guys, I'm not placing my butt on those seats anymore before the minions treat them... And what is it doing in MY house?

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Hangover and teetotal...

Awwww my head!! There was a big party yesterday in our neighbourhood. Started early and there was so much loud music and noisy people. The minions had to close all the doors and we retreated to the other side of the house! It kept going an doing and going, even after midnight... I think mum was even grumpier than me... We couldn't sleep in our beds as it was on our bedrooms side so we had to go and sleep in the front room!

That means we had a very short night as the minions never "do" lie ins (or at least dad doesn't... cause mum sneakily stretches and tries to not move out of bed before 7am in the weekend. I do try my best to get her up cause I am not fooled by her "closed" eyes! Whining and shoving my nose in her face usually works, but if she plays it hard, then I have to do the deadly routine: a big stretch and a fart, that gets her every time, mwahaha...

Anyway back to this morning, dad decided to go have a leg stretch with me early as it was supposed to be hot, see normally I go for a long walk with mum but not today! then when I get back I was tired but didn't know what to do with myself and I was sticking to mum like a glue stick. So she tried to find something to cheer me up and she got out my best buddy: Bunny!!

You see Bunny is not coming out to play with me very often because I tend to have a bit of a puppy meltdown when my soft toys come out. I can't help it, I'm going back to suckling them and kneading them and have a bit of a cry. Definitely reflecting on the abuse the minions inflict daily on me... for sure... But as the minions can't understand why it has that effect on me usually bunny disappears as soon as I seem to settle down for a cry. This morning I was pretty good even if a bit precious after the night we had. I carried Bunny everywhere, he had so much to catch up on since he the last time he came out.
And then we had a bit of a play, was really a lot of fun. Bunny was cheeky and trying to wrap himself around my head. He got a bit out of breath after a while.
So I took him out to show him the garden, was nice and sunny as well. And he hadn't seen all of the agility equipment either. He was completely blown away.
Was really nice to see him again, I love my buddy Bunny

Friday, 14 March 2014

It's my birthday!!

Yay!! It's my Birthday today! I'm a big grown up pup, I'm 2!!!! That must mean that I am very wise, isn't it? And that also means party all day, woohoo!

We've been very busy today! Had a lot of fun from very early in the day with dad. We went out when the sun hadn't even got out of bed!!! We did so much running and chasing of the ball, I had to send the minions to work to have a snooze! And then we did a lot of agility training in the backyard, and the ball again, and they let me have a swim in the pool! Then when I thought we were done with running around, we still went out to the shops! And while dad disappeared in the shops, mum and I went walking around a new park and sniffing out rabbits... Was really fun.

The minions haven't made me a Birthday cake with rabbits as I was hoping for yesterday, but they did give me plenty of yummy treats so I guess it's not a bad swap....
However, I do have a complaint to lodge against a very silly mummy...
I am appalled minions...
And by the way, I'm not a princess, I'M A BIG GROWED UP PUP!!!!!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

I'm excited!!

Oh gosh, I'm really excited!! You know what??? It's my birthday tomorrow!! Yup, I will be two, that means I'm a growed up pup and I can vote and pass my driving license... What? Why do you shake your head mum? Yes I can.

She just doesn't know what she is talking about... Anyway, I've prepared a list for the minions so they can make sure that my birthday is properly celebrated, just a few things like toys, treats, food, entertainment, a big cake with a pin up girly GSP popping out of... you know nothing out of the usual!

Mum took me for a walk and said that it was a special early present tonight. I got a bit worried when we went direction of the vet and she made me go in there! I know what they do there, and let me tell you they don't give you things... they steal things, important things, but ... I don't want to talk about it... At least that was just to put me on the scale to check that they were giving me enough of my new food, phew! I ran out of there quick just in case they changed their mind and think about playing with scalpels again *sniff*

So the treat was that we went in the back streets were there are plenty of rabbits!! I love rabbits and I get all excited. Mum says it's training and I think I'm pretty good considering, but gosh I'm just get so excited with their smelly little bums. We saw at least 20 tonight and I sniffed a lot more that I didn't see. Lucky mum had put the head halter because I think she would be armless by now, tsehehe.
And then we also did some fancy agility in the back yard and we had a lovely cuddle. T'was a pretty good evening really. Now I hope they will find all of the things I put on my birthday wish list...

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Mum being arty...

Was in the garden with mum and she kept taking pics of me... I was feeling a bit hounded like the superstars with the paparazzi... So I did my stuff and sat on her... But she kept taking more pictures!
So I tried to really go on top and make sure she was pinned down. Guess what?... She was still clicking away on her little camera!! What will it take to stop her? Maybe I need to talk to my lawyer and get some sort of copyright on my beautifulness. The fee could be a shinbone for every picture. mmm sounds like a very good idea that!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Trick and Treat Tuesday: give us a twirl love

Well all right it's a bit late sorry, but here is a fun trick we are teaching Mawson. It is a bit of an exciting trick for the pups, so it is great when you want to get them going and still keep the focus on you. Which is really handy when you do some agility, you need to keep them close but rev them up. It would be a bit hard at the start line to be throwing the ball and do some fetch...

But mum, I get dizzy when you ask me to do too many twirls!! How can I eat all the treats if I'm dizzy!?!?

So the idea is to get pup to turn on himself on the spot. As usual, I tend to teach Mawson tricks with food luring, but use what works for you. Some dogs even offer the twirl on their own so you can sometimes just mark and reinforce the natural behaviour and give it a name :).
So arm yourself with patience, your best happiest training voice and happy mood, clicker if you use it and don't forget the rewards!

*drools* hey guys that's the part with the food!!

Get your pup in a sit or stand position in front of you. It doesn't really matters, though the stand might be easier for them to move, which they will do anyway.
Get a treat in your hand and approach your hand in front of expectant starved hungry pup (aren't they always? or is that just Mawson?!?!). With a wide slow-ish arm circle, get pup to turn  around in a 360˚C round back to the initial position, then a big happy yes/click and release the food reward. Remember no cue word or any other signals than just following the lure for now. Repeat the movement a few times every time rewarding. Then slowly try and get the circle you create with your arm smaller and a tad faster, while still luring and rewarding.

Just a point to make, make sure you do this trick training over a few days and do not get pup turning over and over again for a long time. They might indeed get a bit dizzy and put off. Just a few repeats like 5 in a row and then do something else for a bit.

You need to start thinking of what signal cue you want to use in the future for the trick, but do not introduce it yet. I turn my index finger up and in a quick circle as a cue, but you can decide whichever one is best for you.

When pup gets repeatedly good and faster circles, you can start phasing out the lure. First try and put distance between the luring hand and the pup's nose. Little by little, remember to go slowly and always keep the happy yes/click and rewards. If it goes awry, get back a few steps and restart from where it works. Now you can start and think to introduce slowly your hand signal, then try to remove the food reward from the signalling hand entirely, keep the treat in your other hand!

Keep working and reinforcing the twirls, when it gets pretty good without the food luring, start introducing your cue word after the trick at first and move it earlier and earlier throughout the training. And that's it you have a twirling pup!

To do more with twirls, you can get twirls in both directions in front of you (confusing for pup's brain!!), and also getting twirls at different positions around you. A whole lot of fun twirling ahead!!

So now go on give us a twirl, love!
wot you want me to do?!?!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Easy lazy monday

Was sick last night, didn't sleep well :( and I must say I made sure the minions didn't either. I'm very selfless like that, I like to share... So I had an easy day today, not much done considering normal levels of minions training. I guess it was still a lot for some pups out there... Bit of running, bit of rally-O and agility training and lots of snoozings. So not too much to report really.
Was a good day cause dad stayed working at home so I had him all to myself. And saw nana for a few minutes. Wished she had stayed longer but I heard she will come back so yeah!

I got to enjoy the backyard a lot and spent my time rolling around and playing lazily with my yellow HiBounce ball. Was really cool :) Feeling better now, hopefully will be 100% crazy GSP tomorrow!
I'm having a bit of "us" time with ball
No mum you can't have my ball...
or you'll have to come and get it mwahaha
oh no! Ball come back I promise I won't chew you again!!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

A bit of trust here please!

Today I went with mum on a big walk. We started a bit later than usual because mum was mumbling about a headache... dunno what she means, I was fine! As we started late, obviously it was quite hot but I made her carry my water, that's why it's always useful to take a minion during ones walk, they carry your effects... We did so many kilometres I stopped counting but it was great. I did my best to pull mum around tsehehe... And when we came home I had a welcome dip in the pool plus I played agility with mum. Phew busy busy busy! But then I heard the chicks having a ball around the garage, I couldn't believe it!! Dad was spending his morning with the chicks!! Yes you heard it right, NOT ME!! the chicks... *appalled*  and I have the proof! Look!!!
Then for all my good behaviour they tied me up to a post, you want to know why??
butter wouldn't melt!
Well that was one of their torture plan! again... See those little feathery chicks in their temporary sleeping quarters?
 Look where they put me, sniff sniff. As if I would have gone to terrorise them if they had let me free... There is no trust in this relationship. Look how all relaxed I am? I am such a perfect angel... ;P
Hope now they will trust me and we can all run free together like a big happy family... what minions? what does "in your dreams" mean??? But... but... I was so good!!!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Busy bees

Hello there, what you doing today? Been a bit busy with the minions today me...
why you take picture that give me a big nose mum :(
We went and did a nice big morning of agility. It was great because both mum and dad ran with me. I liked that :). It was really hot though so when we got back I requested to go for a swim (got to be firm with minions...). I had to go and get my dummy that mum kept dropping in the pool over and over again. She is so not careful I tell you.
Then, in between a few swims the minions continued to build the chicks' house. It's slowly filling up but I think it's still a bit drafty for my liking.
And that's just a small highlight of the whole day. I'm a tad pooped now, so I'll go and snooze if you don't mind, nighty night everybody zzzzzz.

That way mum!

Went walking with mum yesterday, even when she runs she's a tad slow... I am being nice there, I think I saw a snail overtaking us... I was trying to lead the way though, showed her all the good spots to go and sniff, and were all the fluffies were but nope. She was so slow that every time we finally got there they had gone... One day she will let me off that stoopid lead... one day...
muuum it's there, I can smell and see it!!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

They're getting big

Gosh, saw the chicks again today. I think the minions must have exchanged them for bigger ones because those ones are really much bigger... Mum tells me they are the same but I don't believe it...
Look how big those things are, even in the dark you can see, they don't eve have the same colours!
These seem to have some interesting extensible necks as well, one moment they are all small and the next they've doubled up in height, with their raggedy half fluffed neck...
But I'm still thinking that they are plotting against me... so maybe mum is right and they are the same, I'm just hoping they won't make my life a misery... They've already hacked into my twitter account once, who knows what they will do next?!
And look they are already making fun of me! What have the minions done! What an idea to take those chicks!!!!!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My Trick and Treat uh Wednesday?... Magic

So yesterday, well both mum and I forgot it was Trick and Treat Tuesday.... I thought I would need to rectify that absolute let down from our side with one of my favourite trick. Mum isn' impressed by it, but I'm sure that my buddies will find it a-ma-zing!!

So first make sure your minions get their treats ready for training, the yummiest the better to make the training successful and keep us keen to learn!
Get your minion to stand in front of you ready for training, with treats in hand. You can always do a nice sit in anticipation and a little point never hurts, as I demonstrate below.
Then, get ready to be amazed by my trick... Look at the minions hand, you are looking very hard, yup there are 5 yummy juicy treats in there.
AND..... tadaaaAAAAAAAAA!!!!
They're gone! you have not even seen me move! It's magic!
Well told you it was my preferred favourite trick ever... What you are not impressed!? You are such a hard to please crowd you lot... Well I'm going to bed to digest all my magic tricks me, see ya zzzzzz

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Yummy special treats

You know what's good when minions look at food and chat with my buddies' minions at the training club? Well they get real good ideas!! For example my mate Bodhi has got some fab Foodie Friday recipe book on his blog. And lately, the minions have been inspired by a few and have been making homemade treats for big training and trial days. YUM.
So far I've had some liver fudge, some kangaroo loaf and beef meat loaf. The beef one they have been mishmashing things and produced something pretty good! It's got half a pack of minced beef, an egg, a shredded carrot, a handful of flour and a spoonful of peanut butter!!! 
hurry up on that grated carrot dad!
They mix all that up and spread it on some greaseproof paper before putting in in the oven. It smells so yummy but mum never let's me open the oven to take some. She says it's not cooked yet, or it's too hot, or too much... gnagnagna...
I've always got to do something to get some, such hard work... But I guess that's worth it!
Beef loaf, doesn't look pretty but it's pretty yummy!