Friday, 14 March 2014

It's my birthday!!

Yay!! It's my Birthday today! I'm a big grown up pup, I'm 2!!!! That must mean that I am very wise, isn't it? And that also means party all day, woohoo!

We've been very busy today! Had a lot of fun from very early in the day with dad. We went out when the sun hadn't even got out of bed!!! We did so much running and chasing of the ball, I had to send the minions to work to have a snooze! And then we did a lot of agility training in the backyard, and the ball again, and they let me have a swim in the pool! Then when I thought we were done with running around, we still went out to the shops! And while dad disappeared in the shops, mum and I went walking around a new park and sniffing out rabbits... Was really fun.

The minions haven't made me a Birthday cake with rabbits as I was hoping for yesterday, but they did give me plenty of yummy treats so I guess it's not a bad swap....
However, I do have a complaint to lodge against a very silly mummy...
I am appalled minions...
And by the way, I'm not a princess, I'M A BIG GROWED UP PUP!!!!!

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