Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My Trick and Treat uh Wednesday?... Magic

So yesterday, well both mum and I forgot it was Trick and Treat Tuesday.... I thought I would need to rectify that absolute let down from our side with one of my favourite trick. Mum isn' impressed by it, but I'm sure that my buddies will find it a-ma-zing!!

So first make sure your minions get their treats ready for training, the yummiest the better to make the training successful and keep us keen to learn!
Get your minion to stand in front of you ready for training, with treats in hand. You can always do a nice sit in anticipation and a little point never hurts, as I demonstrate below.
Then, get ready to be amazed by my trick... Look at the minions hand, you are looking very hard, yup there are 5 yummy juicy treats in there.
AND..... tadaaaAAAAAAAAA!!!!
They're gone! you have not even seen me move! It's magic!
Well told you it was my preferred favourite trick ever... What you are not impressed!? You are such a hard to please crowd you lot... Well I'm going to bed to digest all my magic tricks me, see ya zzzzzz

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