Monday, 24 March 2014

Our new bachelorette pad

*giggles* oh stop it girls I need to type... 

Hi there, the girls here! We played a good one on the big furry thing. He is looking for us outside pahaha. And as he never logs out of his accounts we've taken over, he's going to be mad :P

We finally moved into our new house yesterday. The big furry monster kept staring at us in the other room we had. So inconsiderate... A girl needs a bit of privacy, thank you. And the noise! We nearly had to peck at his nose to quiet him down... And who knows where he placed that unsanitary!

The humans made us a purpose built house, fit for the ladies we are. It's quite roomy so we can have parties and invite our girlfriends along. We might even invite the some cockerels, gosh that little Barnevelder has got so many naughty ideas, and she seems so sweet too, you'd never know!! It's going to be wild! 
the Barnevelder wild child
The nearly finished version:
front door and box nest door
We have demanded a constant provision of caterpillars too, but now that our house has got a garden, we can find them ourselves instead of waiting for the female human to bring us some. She is pretty slow at finding them. Look at us in our backyard, stretching our legs.
And with the sun, it is heavenly... I might even sip out my bikini a bit later and go featherless, why not after all. It's so liberating ;)...
Oh what is that obtrusion in our house, we are having a rest, and I haven't done my hair!! shoo... go away! shoo...
Oh... we have to go, I think I can hear the big furry thing coming back, hihihi! Tada darlings... *air kisses* mwah *bats eyelids*... ahhhh the big furry thing's here! Girls ruuunnnn HIHIhihihihi....

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