Trick and Treat Tuesdays

Inspired by Halloween and blogs we follow, as well as Martin relentlessly suggesting I do a weekly"column" on here, Mawson and I have decided to start doing a "regular" feature of all the tricks Mawson has learnt and how we taught them. I'm hoping to add some little videos too in the future... let's see how we go!

1- Let's start at the beginning
Just to set a few good bases. I've learnt so much since we got Mawson! I hope I'll be able to convey a bit of the training tips we gathered from more knowledgeable people we met along the way, though still learn now and for a long time to come!! Speaking about training tips, you should check these from Mawson's fellow agility master Bodhi.

2- It's polite to say hello
A simple but useful trick. Shaking paws or hands... And it always gets people happy :)

3- Foundation trick
A little waffle about teaching fetch, hold and give. That will come useful for later tricks, and it is useful in itself for a wide range of applications.

4- Big puppy kiss
A quick and easy little trick, asking to your pup to come and plant a big wet kiss on your cheek. Not recommended for the slobber-phobic or the head butting pups!

5- High five
Another funny trick that follows the paw shake. Adds a bit of fun to the start or ends of other exercises. After all, if something is done ok you might as well have a high five!

6- The basket case
How to tidy up your house by organising your pup in a basket... Seriously, a bit of fun and paws awareness!

7- The Hollywood Western Shoot-out
Something of a crowd pleaser, for the actor in all our pup. Good training if they want to be the next big thing in Hollywood ;)

8- The silly sausage roll
A little bit of a circus trick :) and a continuation from last week's amusements.

9- The reverse gear
A little trick useful for a lot of things, from standard Rally-Obedience, to agility and building muscle strength as well as busting moves on the dance floor...

10- Peekaboo
Mawson explains a trick... involves giving a lot of treats... A funny silly trick also useful for dancing with dogs and fun. The pup pokes his head through your legs.

11- Pretty please
A little trick that always gets a lot of attention. It requires concentration from pup and builds a bit of back strength and balance. I call it being the bunny, or begging :)

12- Magic
Mawson's favourite trick, but also the lamest...

13- Balancing act
How to get objects balancing on your pup's head. Good for training patience and steadiness. And also good for a laugh!!

14- Bye bye Mum
How to perform a dramatic goodbye, Hollywood style...

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