The trials of Mawson

I thought that it would be interesting to see what it takes to hopefully get ones pup through titles. We can always see dogs with a whole arrays of letters after their names but it is hard to understand exactly how much involvement both you and the pup need to put in. So I have decided to list all the trials we enter in here and the various results we get. That is also a nice way for us to remember the road we have travelled with the monster. As quite amazingly, when he was 8 months old we very nearly gave up on going to training!

Postponed Springwood Agility trial 30/03/14
- Open Jumping JDO [Ms Patricia Walsh] DQ not fully accurate but not too ashamed of it
- Novice agility AD [Mr Peter Westwood] DQ I am Superdog I do not touch those contacts!
- Excellent Jumping JDX [Ms Patricia Walsh] DQ argh! the offset jump! But we did fabulous on our first JDX run 
- Open Agility ADO [Mr Peter Westwood] DQ I did the hard distance challenge perfect, now if dad ran faster I would have known where to go next... And guess what, I did some contacts!!!

Manly Triple Jump Agility Fundraiser 01/03/14 TITLE obtained JD

- Novice Jumping Ring 3 [Mr Peter Westwood] DQ zoomies!!!!
- Novice Jumping Ring 2 [Mr Eddy Smeltzer] DQ but should have been 3 faults :( anyway if dad was not rolling in the mud all the time like that... I know it was wet but...
- Novice Jumping Ring 1 [Ms Jill Kaldor] 1st place 19.02s SCT 39 QUALIFICATION #3 for JD

Hawkesbury Dog Agility Club Summer Trial 08/02/14

RQH Jumping [Mr Neville Cox (SA)] DQ pretty good run for near 40˚C heat only ran round past 3 jumps, cause of miscommunication with dad!
- Novice Agility [Ms Sarah Leach (QLD)] DQ well it's agility isn't it, not going on dog walk, check, running past weaves, check, blowing table check...
Open Agility [Ms Sarah Leach (QLD)] didn't even lined up for it so not my fault if DQ...

- Novice Jumping [Mr Neville Cox (SA)] 3rd place 20.96s SCT 32 Fault: ran round one jump before taking it :)

Dogs NSW Agility Committee February Fundraiser Trial 01/02/14

- Novice Jumping [Miss J Caulton (NSW)] DQ too hot
RQH Agility [Mrs J Van der Vegt (NSW)] DQ too much dog walk and weaves
RQH Jumping [Mrs J Van der Vegt (NSW)] DQ too jumpy
- Novice Agility [Dr D Kent (NSW)] DQ too late :P

Northern Suburb dog training club Rally-O 11/01/14

- Rally Obedience novice [Mrs L Dibbin (NSW)] DQ... We entered the perimeter of the ring, Mawson weed.... Ah well thanks for coming, not all bad though and there is hope, maybe...

Manly dog training club Rally-O 04/01/14

- Rally Obedience novice [Mr D Turley (NSW)] NQ withdrew. We did one station right!! Woohooo! Alright there was 14 others that didn't go so well, but overall a pretty good pup everywhere around at the trial. We did some great prep, and then crumbled in the ring. Ah well... 

Bushfire Fundraiser Rally-O 14/12/13

- Rally Obedience novice [Mrs M Wheeler (NSW)] NQ. The scaredy pup confirmed the suspected obedience type trial challenge: Mawson is afraid of the ring and the judge. Except that great!

Bushfire Fundraiser Agility 06/12/13

A tricky long night of triple jumping trials at Erskine Park. First agility trial in the evening, and that was a late one!

- Novice Jumping ring1 [Mr Graham Elven] DQ That was a tight course and Mawson's got a big butt. It would also help if Martin had remembered the course... Ah well, still went pretty well.

- Novice Jumping ring3 [Miss Sandra Walker] DQ Mmmm started well, then bit of a tricky turn into the tunnel caught mister pup. Also missed a jump in the commotion! Sniff. Moruada Mawson "bullet" Gigolo is fast though!
- Novice Jumping ring2 [Ms Patricia Walsh] Last one of the night, midnight run, past everyone's bed time! The bullet and master handler Martin flew through the course in blistering pace. AND CLEAR!!!! Woohoo worth the wait. 1st place 20.27s SCT38! QUALIFICATION #2 for JD

Hills district kennel & training club Inc Obedience 29/11/13

- Community Companion Dog [Ms P Ohm (NSW)] oh dear... withdrew, well better luck next time. Note to minions a GSP non exercised before an obedience trial, with wind and wet ground, will not make for an obedient GSP, better stay home in these cases...

Greater Western All Breed Agility, 09-10/11/13

- Novice Jumping [Dr Deborah Kent (NSW)] 1st place 20.88s SCT31! QUALIFICATION #1 for JD
- Novice Agility [Mr A Schmidt (NSW)] DQ Martin and Mawson destroyed a jump! Replaced the jump by leaving one rib from Martin on the course...
- Novice Snooker [Dr Deborah Kent (NSW)] 3rd place 75.18s! SCT54 Bit of a wandering....
- Open Jumping [Mr A Schmidt (NSW)] DQ Good job though!

United Retriever club of NSW Agility, 12/10/13 

- Novice jumping [Mrs J Van Der Vegt (NSW)] 1st place ~18s Fault: 1 bar
- Novice agility [Mrs J Van Der Vegt (NSW)] DQ, the curse of the dog walk...


  1. Love this idea of keeping a log of trials. So sweet.

  2. I thought it would be a great idea to remember the ups and downs along the way :) so far they are quite divided in Agility ups and Obedience downs!

  3. *APPAWS APPAWS* Clever boy !!!!! :*)