Sunday, 30 November 2014


Well pals, I was complaining about Mum being a bit clumsy and bumping on stuff, but I have to say that I did beat her on the dodgy happenings... Just before Dad came back last week, Mum thought that I was looking a bit weird. She looked at me a bit closer and turns out that I had a rather big bump on me head! Just on one side! I had a bit of an eye ouchy during the week before but she took care of it and it cleared up. My head really blew up, quite a bit and fairly quickly. The minions waited to see how it was going, before deciding if we were visiting to the dreaded V.E.T.  as I was still eating (well why wouldn't you?!?!?!) and behaving as normal, that is to say very well, of course!! Thankfully they held up for the vet as they believed it was going to stress me more at the time. And apparently another GSP lady had the same thing happen to her and it passed all alone.
Mum is pretty sure that on the second day I had a few hours with a bit of a temperature but then the bump came down and it was feeling much less hot.

You will be happy to know that I am back to my handsome self now, all is sorted, and I did that all alone too in just a couple of days. They think I must have had a small infection, maybe in the ear, that cleared up. They do not think I knocked myself on something or got bitten.

Mum's other explanation is that my brain leaked out, though she says it's surprising with only one neurone...!! RUDE!!!

I think I will make up my own dramatic story, just because Mum's ones are either far too pragmatic...or too rude...
Lovely handsome ME!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Daddy has abandoned me...again!

Pals, things have been bad bad bad in the house this week... I had a lovely Saturday with Dad last week end and then BAM!! He disappeared on Sunday, left me all alone with Mum. And gosh, I tell you she surpassed herself in clumsiness this week.
I'm not even talking about running in spider webs or tripping on things when we are out walking... This morning she actually slipped down a slight inclination we were following! But this is nothing!! She went to chat with the neighbour after coming back from work one day and swore she would just be 30 minutes max... Well 2 hours later she rocked up saying sorry and all!! I was crossing my paws to go to the bathroom me! 
Then she succeeded to lock us out of the house yesterday. She says it's my fault because I was rushing her whining while she was getting the treats ready... As if an innocent little pup like me could be blamed for airhead mum to not take the keys with her before closing the doors... Luckily we did go to have fun before she came back and broke in the house! Ok she didn't really break in the house she just found that she hadn't closed the bathroom window before going out in the morning... Phew, all my shinbone money nearly went on calling a locksmith out of hours!

Oh yeah and another example, we were playing a nice game of fetch in the backyard and BAM (again..) Mum very skilfully sent my toy on the roof... She had to go get the big ladder which is very heavy. I was fearing the worst, but luckily we survived this without me having to drive her to the emergency hospital...

Well Dad would better come back quickly from his little boat trip, work or no work, because I am not so sure there will be much more left of the female minion soon. Did I tell you that she banged her head with the mower? No? You know our new mower has got a little handle on spring that need to be kept up while moving for safety cutout of the engine, well she was moving the machine (not while it was ON I must admit) and she pressed the handle bend down while manoeuvring and moved her hand off... the spring works, Mum's forehead less so *sigh* it's a bit blue now... 
Ok I'd better stop there or she's going to be upset I'm telling you all this, if she reads that post... Going to look out for Dad, he should surely come home someday soon...
poor innocent little angelic me

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The hen parties

It's been a long time I haven't told you about how the ladies are going. They've grown lots and are now super huge and looking juicy... *ahem* I mean looking very lush like lovely lady hens *cough cough* .... I go to open and close their coop everyday, ok not me exactly but the minions let me come with them and point at the coop while they do it. Last time I saw them in front of me, the door was open and there was nothing between me and them... but mum had told me to stay down a meter away... Oh I wish I could have gone and given them a cuddle... *sobs*

At least they've really got going on the egg front and they have been giving plenty. The minions don't feed me nearly enough of them and they give them all away too!! They say they can't keep up with the quantities, I could me, but as always they just don't listen to me... The eggs are funny, they are all different shape and colours!
The poor hens have been hassled by the magpies as I have too, these magpies are so nasty and they really go for them. I do my best to alert the minions but because I'm not allowed in the front garden due to an old and false accusation of jumping the front fence and running across the busy road, I can't go and sort them out myself... But they are surviving, they also get some guests in their run. The ladies keep digging at the edge under the coop and a group of pigeons keep sneaking in. They are nice looking pigeons very well together young lads... But mum's not happy that the girls are having parties and sharing their food. The minions say they want to meet the parents first *rolls eyes* seriously... They're crazy... ;P
Mildred running to the opportunity of sunflower seeds
Winifred talking back... as per usual...
fancy miss Barnie keeping an eye on mum
and Buffie at the back

Saturday, 1 November 2014

What hot summer's days are for...

Even though it's not summer yet, things are warming up quickly. We've had quite a few days above 30˚C and today was one hot one again. To top it all there is a real strong wind and some rain. You'd think it would cool things down but NO it only makes it super hot and HUMID!!!

It is really too much for a poor pup. So the best way to beat that heat, apart to stay flat under the fan inside... Is to get splashings from the minions! Now I am very specific and particular with my splashes, mostly with the hose... I don't like the hose... so they need to be just right! Luckily I have taught the minions the right way :)
An other option to stay cool is to whine to get in the swimming pool! I loooove the swimming pool, I think I could stay in there all day, but kill-joy mum never let's me, pffft... However, I have tricked her into throwing water non stop lately. It's easy you see, I just need to do a few crazy jumps and she will keep throwing water trying to make me do some more! She is so easy to fool...
look! I'm flying!!!
uh no, that damn gravity...
there appears to be a new species of shark in the pool!
I need to be careful and stay cool as well because I saw dad bringing back some sandwich bread and he said he was hungry... don't want to end up as a hot dog!!!... Alright I'd stay chatting here, but I'm feeling a tad heated... time to go stand in front of the pool door and whine methinks, see ya laters  pals :)