Thursday, 23 April 2015

Uh oh!

Well look at that slack! How long has it been that I haven't been pencilling my extraordinary adventures here!! So much happened that I am not sure where to start...
Well that means I will have to write a lot of new posts doesn't it!

But in summary:
- I am a very wise adult pup cause I am 3 (or Mum thinks so... she likes to dream...)
- the minions went crazy on renovations in the house...
- my grandpawrents from France came here to visit for a few weeks
- I got abandoned while they all went and had fun with wombats!!! (I am still sulking about that by the way)
- Nanna came to visit too :)
- we all nearly drowned and flew away in a crazy cyclony weather

And that's just only a short summary, so you see I got lots to talk about. Now I need to make sure I keep an access to a computer because t'is not easy with those minions...

Just so you can see why I am still sulking about the fact they left me all alone while they went to have fun, look at the pics they took :O
look at all those friends to play with I didn't get to meet!
and look at all that space to run...