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As the minions really have a poor brain, I thought I'd better list some of my preferred websites over here. And also these links might be of interest for some of you out there. I will add more links as I trot along.

Some cool blogs from my mates and other hard-working dogs out there:

Jaxon,  the black and white papillon with attitude from our agility gang. He's little, but he's fast! We've pretty much started agility at the same time, so we are learning together. And he's perfected the cute look to get away with murder, the minions can't resist it.

Bodhi, the spanador from our agility gang. Mum likes to give him cuddle because he's all soft :S! He's doing a lot of different things at the club and his blog has got some really great thing. Still trying to convince mum to do all the yummy foodie friday recipes!!! Also he's got a toddler, don't know how he survives that!

Ruby, a black labrador from the eastern suburbs of Sydney. We have never met her, but she seems to have a lot of fun getting in trouble.

Otto and his bro who have been travelling the world, but are now in NZ. It's Otto's blog and he gives some good advice on how to handle the minions.

Some cool blogs on agility or training

The dogs are really in charge some real interesting experiences and advice in there

Agility and beyond a young american lady who is doing a pretty good job at agility!

One Mind Dogs very interesting training ideas and moves for agility, videos and blog. Some things are freely accessible some others need a paid membership (I need some more first place prize cash at agility trials to be able to check it out!). The OMD technique is taking the world by storm, make sure you check it out.

Rubby the whippet they are whippets, and do agility. What more explanation and excuse do you need to look at this blog?? I lurve the way they jump. Some very interesting posts and views in there.

Agility Nerd

Some great general pup blogs

Dog adventures

Puppy tales

Some funny links, pup related of course!

ifitwags great GSP gang from Vancouver, our inspiration for most of the cheeky tongue out pics with their peanut butter series

Dog snobs for a laugh, not always very PC

Good pup and dog training schools


Get Smart dogs


Canine fun sports

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