Thursday, 23 October 2014

Who needs a groomer...

So this weekend, the minions did some work in the garage. Bit of clean up under the house.. went to check too, and at the same time I perfected my Haloween costume... turns out there are quite a few spiders living under the house! I don't know why mum was all worked up really... 1) I cleaned up for her and 2) I didn't even come out of there doing woohoohoo to scare her, so really she is just whining for nothing.

Dad is also rejuvenating the storage space in the garage. Bit of sanding, change of worktop and door handles, and he has also picked a lovely new colour to repaint the whole cupboard set. A nice little blue. I like it very much actually... So much so that I think it would perfectly enhance my beautiful eyes and contrast magnificently with my fur colour. So I decided to add a few highlights of blue on the fur of my ear. Just on the edges, you don't want to overdo it, after it looks too try-hard!!

Mum had something to say about that too... this minion is never happy about anything really...
shame you can't see well,
but I do think that that beautiful blue is great with my fur

Friday, 17 October 2014


I swear I will have an Aussie magpie burger one day... Or a magpie pie BOL!
Ahem, where was I? Ah yes, my complaint... There are quite a few magpies around and goodness they are really ballsy! Magpies are very territorial, so spring can get very tricky when they get make their nests and decide that everything and everybody is a threat to their chicks. Ok in my case I sort of can see why they might think that... but it's not an excuse!....

We have a few around our place, and mostly a couple of them who are right pain in the ar****.....

First they keep annoying the girls at the front, swooping them at any opportunity. The hens take that opportunity to screams their beaks off obviously and prevent me from sleeping... I have become quite a good guide for the minions to go and check them. Even when the minions can't hear anything, I can always tell when the ladies are in trouble and let those two useless watch-humans know so they can go give them a hand. As you can imagine with the very discrete and majestic manner fitting with the legacy of my great hunting breed... usually by whining my head off and pointing at the window...

But last time the magpies just went further and it was the last straw... I was outside, minding my own business, and *ahem* let's say ON business... And then suddenly... SWOOP...!!!
They dive bombed ME!!! While I was *ahem* busy!!!!! How rude is that? One, it's my own backyard thank you very much, and two... I WAS OTHERWISE OCCUPIED, a little bit of privacy never hurts anyone. So now I'm keeping an eye out while...busy... It's not easy really, pretty uncomfortable and hard to relax!
Last time I nearly caught the blimey little pain, tried to swoop me while I was parading in the backyard and just saw the magpie slightly too late to get a good target snap... Didn't come back for a second pass after that though...

One day I will get them, one day... And then who'll be laughing with a belly full of magpie burger!...

Monday, 13 October 2014

I'm building an arch...

Humpffff.... What is this weather?! A little while ago there was so much rain that the minions had to empty the pool 4 times. We kept getting all wet and melting, and the girls were not too happy about it either. They started to say that they were transforming into ducks!

Then it started to get hot, really hot... Was melting but for other reasons. The only upside of that is that the minions and I started playing with water :D but it's not nice when the only thing you can do is drag yourself on metre off your water bowl before dehydrating into a crisp...

Then tonight, the minions came back from work, mum got ready for our outing (I had a long nap during that time, I don't need to sleep for another month now...). We went in the car and suddenly the sky opened up, mum went to the park close to the house and for some insane reason she went out of the car and opened the boot for me to go out !!

Uh na, thank you very much, I'm good in the boot... And the lighting was going off everywhere... Let's back up inside the car, might get my paws wet... I stay here and you go for a walk mum, see you in a bit!

She grumped about but for some reason didn't go for her walk, dunno why. So we went home and played inside, there's not much space for throwing the ball there but we managed, and at least I didn't drown or got hit by lightning!

Heard that the coming weather isn't really good this week, sounds like mum is going to have to get inventive with indoors amusements. Time to find some new tricks methinks...

Sunday, 12 October 2014

We did a-Zs-gility seminar!

What a weekend we had last week! The minions told me that they had three days of play time with MEEEE, woohoo! I like long weekends even if entertaining the minions for 3 days is exhausting... :)
And there was a special treat for "little" me. It has been a long time since we did a full weekend of agility, but the minions had reserved a working spot to an agility seminar a long time ago.
Two full days of crazy work under the sun.

The lovely person giving the seminar was Zsofi Biro from Hungary. Both days started at 8am but that was the actual working start, the minions had to be there earlier tsehehe.

It was so very hot, for both days. Luckily some very organised mum had brought little clam shell pools for splashings. I was mostly a very good boy staying in my crate (well the minions gave me treats for just staying in there without doing anything!!!). Only just ran out once to scare Mum to death... Mwahahaha...
Did quite a few things on the agility course too, but after a while it was so hot that I went and hid in the tunnel tsehehe, they had to drag me out again and again ;P

The evening of the second day we all finished with some fun tunnel course and I ran and didn't hide this time, but they had to reset all the tunnels cause my big butt moved them all off despite all of the heavy bags! Well, sorry but I'm bigger than my mate Jaxon! It's not fat, I'm just big boned...
Lots of my mates did really good and I'm sure lots of us were sleeping soundly for a few days afterwards. I really didn't want to get up for my outing the next morning Zzzzzzz

Was a lot of fun and daddy got lots of ideas during that couple of days, so now he keeps working on some agility things while we are out and even in the garden. Mum is even doing some stuff as well!! Can't a pup get some rest?!?!
cooking oven course
Look at me all good in my crate
my mate Bodhi doing an Alice in wonderland impression!
slightly too small crate ;)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


FREEDOM!!! I succeeded at last!!! Last wednesday, Mum and I went for a little late afternoon fun on the grounds next to the national park. It was dark and as usual there was a lot of rabbits and kangaroos. Mum decided that, as I had been a very good boy for a while, she was going to use the very long lead again while we were walking. She put my walking harness on, the one that daddy likes... then the 5 metre lead and then my usual bungee lead that is 1-2m, plenty of length for running around mummy, sniffing while she snails ahead... I love it.

Off we went in the darkness, I would add some scary ghost soundtrack there but really that's not that scary! Had some good sniffs and then we arrived at the far away open space where the horses run around. There's always kangaroos and noisy lapwings down there. Even saw a fox once! But this time I was walking next to mum and I saw a nice little wallaby at the back... I took off, Mum kept her arm for the first run up. I must say that I was impressed with her little hand strength there, 32kg full speed bullet versus a stationary mum of undisclosed weight :P! But I loosened her grip and went again... She couldn't hold on and I ripped the leash off her hand. I had a momentary slow down with hesitation but when I realised that she had let go, I took off hot in pursuit of the bouncy prey. I think I heard a feint but slightly crazed voice calling my name and some kind of frantic whistling, but didn't care I was the hunter, finally showing my greatness, following my prey, in the dark... Oh very dark... mmmm where did the kangaroo go again? ah that way... oh there's also some smells there... mmm where's mum?

Mum had forgotten her phone at work... of course! And Daddy was in the centre of Sydney for work... Perfect timing for my escapade.
Apparently, she told me that after calling frantically for me for what felt like an eternity, she tried to run back full speed to get to the peeps doing the training at the club, to reach a phone and tell dad what had happened and where she would be. She also admitted that she ran out of steam half way through and decided to slow down as feinting in the middle of the field wasn't going to help anything...

She got there, stopped everybody which her frantic waving and out of breath unintelligible utterances. Luckily, some kind souls understood her... Jaxon and Biddie with their mums helped her. I came back to find them getting into their car! They said they were going at the back where I had left but I'm sure they were all going to leave to have a nice cup of tea somewhere!

Anyway I arrived back after my nice run. Followed Mum's smell to find her back because she wasn't where I left her. That wasn't too hard really, cause she SMELLS!!! I was all happy and proud of myself, she looked very relieved for some reason and she gave me plenty of cuddles and treats, but if I am not mistaken I saw something that was really saying a lot of rude words in her eyes!! Don't know why, but anyway I got a fun run and treats! double bingo!!
Was a bit tired afterwards, panting for ages, but gosh that was so much fun!! I will try to do that again, Mum says no way, pffff kill joy, might try anyway and go LALALALALAALA if she tells me otherwise!!!  
until we meet again...