Monday, 13 October 2014

I'm building an arch...

Humpffff.... What is this weather?! A little while ago there was so much rain that the minions had to empty the pool 4 times. We kept getting all wet and melting, and the girls were not too happy about it either. They started to say that they were transforming into ducks!

Then it started to get hot, really hot... Was melting but for other reasons. The only upside of that is that the minions and I started playing with water :D but it's not nice when the only thing you can do is drag yourself on metre off your water bowl before dehydrating into a crisp...

Then tonight, the minions came back from work, mum got ready for our outing (I had a long nap during that time, I don't need to sleep for another month now...). We went in the car and suddenly the sky opened up, mum went to the park close to the house and for some insane reason she went out of the car and opened the boot for me to go out !!

Uh na, thank you very much, I'm good in the boot... And the lighting was going off everywhere... Let's back up inside the car, might get my paws wet... I stay here and you go for a walk mum, see you in a bit!

She grumped about but for some reason didn't go for her walk, dunno why. So we went home and played inside, there's not much space for throwing the ball there but we managed, and at least I didn't drown or got hit by lightning!

Heard that the coming weather isn't really good this week, sounds like mum is going to have to get inventive with indoors amusements. Time to find some new tricks methinks...

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