Wednesday, 1 October 2014


FREEDOM!!! I succeeded at last!!! Last wednesday, Mum and I went for a little late afternoon fun on the grounds next to the national park. It was dark and as usual there was a lot of rabbits and kangaroos. Mum decided that, as I had been a very good boy for a while, she was going to use the very long lead again while we were walking. She put my walking harness on, the one that daddy likes... then the 5 metre lead and then my usual bungee lead that is 1-2m, plenty of length for running around mummy, sniffing while she snails ahead... I love it.

Off we went in the darkness, I would add some scary ghost soundtrack there but really that's not that scary! Had some good sniffs and then we arrived at the far away open space where the horses run around. There's always kangaroos and noisy lapwings down there. Even saw a fox once! But this time I was walking next to mum and I saw a nice little wallaby at the back... I took off, Mum kept her arm for the first run up. I must say that I was impressed with her little hand strength there, 32kg full speed bullet versus a stationary mum of undisclosed weight :P! But I loosened her grip and went again... She couldn't hold on and I ripped the leash off her hand. I had a momentary slow down with hesitation but when I realised that she had let go, I took off hot in pursuit of the bouncy prey. I think I heard a feint but slightly crazed voice calling my name and some kind of frantic whistling, but didn't care I was the hunter, finally showing my greatness, following my prey, in the dark... Oh very dark... mmmm where did the kangaroo go again? ah that way... oh there's also some smells there... mmm where's mum?

Mum had forgotten her phone at work... of course! And Daddy was in the centre of Sydney for work... Perfect timing for my escapade.
Apparently, she told me that after calling frantically for me for what felt like an eternity, she tried to run back full speed to get to the peeps doing the training at the club, to reach a phone and tell dad what had happened and where she would be. She also admitted that she ran out of steam half way through and decided to slow down as feinting in the middle of the field wasn't going to help anything...

She got there, stopped everybody which her frantic waving and out of breath unintelligible utterances. Luckily, some kind souls understood her... Jaxon and Biddie with their mums helped her. I came back to find them getting into their car! They said they were going at the back where I had left but I'm sure they were all going to leave to have a nice cup of tea somewhere!

Anyway I arrived back after my nice run. Followed Mum's smell to find her back because she wasn't where I left her. That wasn't too hard really, cause she SMELLS!!! I was all happy and proud of myself, she looked very relieved for some reason and she gave me plenty of cuddles and treats, but if I am not mistaken I saw something that was really saying a lot of rude words in her eyes!! Don't know why, but anyway I got a fun run and treats! double bingo!!
Was a bit tired afterwards, panting for ages, but gosh that was so much fun!! I will try to do that again, Mum says no way, pffff kill joy, might try anyway and go LALALALALAALA if she tells me otherwise!!!  
until we meet again...

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