Mawson is a purebred German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP for short). GSPs are high energy bird hunting dogs. They love to run, be crazy, steal things that you need just a few seconds before you need them, but they are also great family dogs, very loving and loyal to their pack.

Mawson was born mid March 2012 from Moruada. We named him Mawson after Sir Douglas Mawson, an Australian geologist and antarctic explorer. Actually his full registered name is Moruada Mawson Gigolo! That gives us a bit of a giggle but I personally quite like it! We originally wanted a petite female... we ended up with the biggest silly pup in the litter, ah well... I wouldn't exchange him.

See what I mean with the size!

For a big dog, he averages 34kg without any extra plumpiness on him, he is a full wimp but the cutest pup in the world (I am not biased at all).

Working the puppy cuteness at a few weeks old

Look at the size of those paws!

Mawson is a funny pup, he has quite a few weird quirks, some of which I will certainly talk about in the blog. We work on the bad ideas he gets and encourage the good ones. But overall, I think he is quite easy going and hasn't really destroyed anything except his puppy class certificate.

angel pose

the demon within

He is my first ever dog. I only ever had pet rabbits before, so I am on a steep learning curve. That also explains why I keep calling him bunny... I definitely think Mawson catches on faster than I do in quite a lot of things but we are not doing too badly.


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  1. Awwwww, Mawson is so hansum *thumping tailwags* Gawjus boy :*)