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Hi everyone.

Mawson here! I've decided that the slaves were talking a bit too much on this thing, so I'm going to give my point of view from time to time. I'll certainly do that on the main blog but this space is MY page and I'm going to keep all my important wisdom on here. Just in case a GSP pup drops by and needs to know stuff. I think I'll need to keep note of all the hard work I do during the day to prepare for when my slaves come back home. They need mental stimulation and they need to be kept entertained, you see. If not they get agitated and unsettled!

Top 5 GSP (Great Silly Puppy MUM GET OUT OF MY PAGE) wisdom:

1. Never work too hard for your food, that gives the slaves bad habits.

2. If it flies or if it runs, chase it.

3. In any situation run!

Oh! Look a possum! I'll get it, I'll get it, damn too high in the tree! Ah well let's go for a nap...

Ooops forgot I was writing that thing, sooo where was I? Ah yes number 4...

4. Why be good when you can be naughty

5. If been a bit too naughty and slaves looking all red and flustered, then use your best puppy eyes! (And work the puppy eyes!!)

You will forgive everything,
look into my eyes...

Top 5 slave entertainment tips:
Warning those need to be spaced in time so as not to overstimulate the slaves. They get too agitated and it's better to lure them into a sense of false security, I meant... it is better to build their mental abilities. And somehow I have also noticed that overstimulation tends to lead to a weird space continuum reduction. The rooms get a lot smaller and disappear and doors get closed...

1. Give some interior decoration lessons to the slaves. 
I like to move things around in the house while the slaves are out. I always need to reorganise rugs, cushions and the occasional forgotten sock from daddy (that should have gone to the laundry anyway, but I like the taste of road kill!). I don't destroy everything just the very awful stuff they should never have bought in the first place. I have taste me!

2. The right way to keep the slaves healthy, take them for daily walks. 
Make sure you alternate moments of craziness (where you walk nicely next to the designated slave) and beautiful walking technique (where you improve your skills of zig zag cross over front and back of the slaves, points for tripping them up; skills of sudden sniff and wee stops, again points if they did not predict it; and skills of fearsome killing machine of those sneaky rabbits, big bucks if you dislocate a shoulder with that too!).

3. Training the slaves: repetition is the key.

4. Help with house DIY and gardening.
By choosing to steal help carrying the next thing they need or helpfully liberate the hands of the slaves from weeds when extracted (if they drop the weed in the basketty thing make sure you pick it up and go place the weed were it should go...). On the weed thing it is always best to ensure that the weed that spread a lot with any piece of cut root system are plucked in as many pieces as toothily possible.

5. Always behave in the proper manner while in public
So as to maximise the embarrassment for the slaves!

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