Thursday, 23 October 2014

Who needs a groomer...

So this weekend, the minions did some work in the garage. Bit of clean up under the house.. went to check too, and at the same time I perfected my Haloween costume... turns out there are quite a few spiders living under the house! I don't know why mum was all worked up really... 1) I cleaned up for her and 2) I didn't even come out of there doing woohoohoo to scare her, so really she is just whining for nothing.

Dad is also rejuvenating the storage space in the garage. Bit of sanding, change of worktop and door handles, and he has also picked a lovely new colour to repaint the whole cupboard set. A nice little blue. I like it very much actually... So much so that I think it would perfectly enhance my beautiful eyes and contrast magnificently with my fur colour. So I decided to add a few highlights of blue on the fur of my ear. Just on the edges, you don't want to overdo it, after it looks too try-hard!!

Mum had something to say about that too... this minion is never happy about anything really...
shame you can't see well,
but I do think that that beautiful blue is great with my fur

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