Saturday, 1 November 2014

What hot summer's days are for...

Even though it's not summer yet, things are warming up quickly. We've had quite a few days above 30˚C and today was one hot one again. To top it all there is a real strong wind and some rain. You'd think it would cool things down but NO it only makes it super hot and HUMID!!!

It is really too much for a poor pup. So the best way to beat that heat, apart to stay flat under the fan inside... Is to get splashings from the minions! Now I am very specific and particular with my splashes, mostly with the hose... I don't like the hose... so they need to be just right! Luckily I have taught the minions the right way :)
An other option to stay cool is to whine to get in the swimming pool! I loooove the swimming pool, I think I could stay in there all day, but kill-joy mum never let's me, pffft... However, I have tricked her into throwing water non stop lately. It's easy you see, I just need to do a few crazy jumps and she will keep throwing water trying to make me do some more! She is so easy to fool...
look! I'm flying!!!
uh no, that damn gravity...
there appears to be a new species of shark in the pool!
I need to be careful and stay cool as well because I saw dad bringing back some sandwich bread and he said he was hungry... don't want to end up as a hot dog!!!... Alright I'd stay chatting here, but I'm feeling a tad heated... time to go stand in front of the pool door and whine methinks, see ya laters  pals :)

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