Sunday, 12 October 2014

We did a-Zs-gility seminar!

What a weekend we had last week! The minions told me that they had three days of play time with MEEEE, woohoo! I like long weekends even if entertaining the minions for 3 days is exhausting... :)
And there was a special treat for "little" me. It has been a long time since we did a full weekend of agility, but the minions had reserved a working spot to an agility seminar a long time ago.
Two full days of crazy work under the sun.

The lovely person giving the seminar was Zsofi Biro from Hungary. Both days started at 8am but that was the actual working start, the minions had to be there earlier tsehehe.

It was so very hot, for both days. Luckily some very organised mum had brought little clam shell pools for splashings. I was mostly a very good boy staying in my crate (well the minions gave me treats for just staying in there without doing anything!!!). Only just ran out once to scare Mum to death... Mwahahaha...
Did quite a few things on the agility course too, but after a while it was so hot that I went and hid in the tunnel tsehehe, they had to drag me out again and again ;P

The evening of the second day we all finished with some fun tunnel course and I ran and didn't hide this time, but they had to reset all the tunnels cause my big butt moved them all off despite all of the heavy bags! Well, sorry but I'm bigger than my mate Jaxon! It's not fat, I'm just big boned...
Lots of my mates did really good and I'm sure lots of us were sleeping soundly for a few days afterwards. I really didn't want to get up for my outing the next morning Zzzzzzz

Was a lot of fun and daddy got lots of ideas during that couple of days, so now he keeps working on some agility things while we are out and even in the garden. Mum is even doing some stuff as well!! Can't a pup get some rest?!?!
cooking oven course
Look at me all good in my crate
my mate Bodhi doing an Alice in wonderland impression!
slightly too small crate ;)

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