Sunday, 16 March 2014

Hangover and teetotal...

Awwww my head!! There was a big party yesterday in our neighbourhood. Started early and there was so much loud music and noisy people. The minions had to close all the doors and we retreated to the other side of the house! It kept going an doing and going, even after midnight... I think mum was even grumpier than me... We couldn't sleep in our beds as it was on our bedrooms side so we had to go and sleep in the front room!

That means we had a very short night as the minions never "do" lie ins (or at least dad doesn't... cause mum sneakily stretches and tries to not move out of bed before 7am in the weekend. I do try my best to get her up cause I am not fooled by her "closed" eyes! Whining and shoving my nose in her face usually works, but if she plays it hard, then I have to do the deadly routine: a big stretch and a fart, that gets her every time, mwahaha...

Anyway back to this morning, dad decided to go have a leg stretch with me early as it was supposed to be hot, see normally I go for a long walk with mum but not today! then when I get back I was tired but didn't know what to do with myself and I was sticking to mum like a glue stick. So she tried to find something to cheer me up and she got out my best buddy: Bunny!!

You see Bunny is not coming out to play with me very often because I tend to have a bit of a puppy meltdown when my soft toys come out. I can't help it, I'm going back to suckling them and kneading them and have a bit of a cry. Definitely reflecting on the abuse the minions inflict daily on me... for sure... But as the minions can't understand why it has that effect on me usually bunny disappears as soon as I seem to settle down for a cry. This morning I was pretty good even if a bit precious after the night we had. I carried Bunny everywhere, he had so much to catch up on since he the last time he came out.
And then we had a bit of a play, was really a lot of fun. Bunny was cheeky and trying to wrap himself around my head. He got a bit out of breath after a while.
So I took him out to show him the garden, was nice and sunny as well. And he hadn't seen all of the agility equipment either. He was completely blown away.
Was really nice to see him again, I love my buddy Bunny

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