Thursday, 20 March 2014

Retrieving workshop and training

The minions went to a workshop at our training club (NSDTC) on wednesday evening. Ray Temple talked about Gun Dog training and retrieving work and Cody did some demonstration of his skills! It was fab! The minions had already been talking a bit with him before and they had got some great training tips. Now they have said that we would restart some more serious training, yay!
I'm not too sure why they think I need that much training though... Personally I think I am such a natural! I am a great hunter, even if mum doesn't agree!! But I will humour them... Anyway you can make your mind yourself... and I've been practising, what do you think?
In the woods
and at home
Ok mum isn't too pleased that I have been honing my skills with some feathery ladies as targets, but she said that actually I was progressing with my training. She must be meaning that my hunting skills are getting better. What is she mumbling? I'm getting better behaved with the chicks... See she said I was getting better with... uh, wait what??
Find the chickens...
hint: they are that way!

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