Thursday, 27 March 2014

I'll munch them!!

I am absolutely appalled!! Once again the chicks have stepped over the line! I thought it was weird when I heard some noise outside on Monday so I went to check and look what they did while I was out!! They wrote all over my blog. AND they insult me as well!!
I can't even count on the minions to be fair, when I showed that to mum she just shrugged and giggled, telling me that I had only myself to blame for not logging off!! There is obvious bias! Since when can the chicks get out of trouble and I'm not the most spoilt, uh I mean "loved" puppy in the whole world mmm?

I tell you, when the minions are not looking, I'll go and tell those girls what I think about their behaviour... Ok I need to open those doors, and I'll need the keys, and also I'll need to do a bit of tricky paw work to open those locks... All right, I'll write them a strong worded letter, that should do the trick...

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