Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A study on Snooker

Gosh been a bit mad lately with the minions work, mum being sick and clumsy and a whole lot of other dramas! And on top, we had yet again another week end of agility madness and other fun :)

We started on Saturday morning with some training at the club. This time it was a bit special as Pat Walsh who is an agility judge came round and setup a great game course. It was a Snooker course, not something we do very often at all. Only did it once a long time ago at the Bathurst trial and even though I came third, it was the only run were I had a bit of a wander...
The idea of Snooker is that you have a set of jumps "the reds" and other obstacle "the colours". On the first part of the course you have to get a minimum amount of points. You jump a "red" (1pts), then if you cleared it you can attempt a "colour" (variable points). If you missed the "red" you have to go direct to another "red" and cannot go to the "colour". You have to jump a max of 3 reds but need to accumulate more points depending of the level you run (novice 10, excellent 15, master 20). Then you have a closing sequence to do, which is more like a normal agility course set up by the judge. All that within a set time of course!! We all had a lot of fun and lots of peeps got lost around on the course, tsehehe! Hopefully that will become a monthly thing :)

After that, I thought the minions were going to be boring and want to go back home but no!! We stayed and we met Ray and Cody to train a bit on my retrieving skills. Ray ran us through the exercises necessary for a RATG trial (mostly dad cause he's the one who needs help, I'm a natural of course ;P) and Cody showed us his moves, it was really cool! And now the minions are doing a lot more fun things since we did the workshop. I love it!

Then we all went back home, was quite late and hot so mum let me in the pool for a bit of a swim and a play while dad was giving in to his addiction... mowing the loan... again... I'll have a good one to tell you about that later but back to the week end of agility madness...

After mum's little swim, the minions went on their mundane occupations for the rest of the afternoon, but they seemed to be doing some weird preparations and packing. They also went to play with the chicks without me... not fair... but I didn't care, I just stayed there and did as if I was snoring...

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