Sunday, 6 April 2014

A little misunderstanding

We had a very late night yesterday with the minions. We were just about to go to bed, all sleepy and then, BAM!! A nasty sneaky fly. Doesn't sound bad? Well it was! We all had a battle to catch that VERY loud fly, obviously I joined in ;P 
We ended up getting it but it lasted a while... The good thing that came out of this is that I had another little pre-bedtime next to dad. But they both fell asleep, so instead of being in my crate overnight, I was freeeeeee in the bedroom :)
And luckily! Because in the morning I had to wake the minions up. They where just staying in bed forever! When I went to try and move them they kept shooing me away, mumbling and rolling back the other way in bed. 
I insisted a bit, it was so late... it was... oh?! 5.30am? Ahhhhhh, that's what they were mumbling!! Day light saving, ooops my bad! Oh well now you're awake, might as well go have fun :P mwahaha

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