Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Really clumsy mum...

So as I was telling you on the last post, when we came back from training, mum let me in the pool to play with her while dad mowed the loan.
Started normally, but after while mum was trying to get me to walk on the little edge of the pool (not keen!) so she was on the other side being all silly. Next thing I see is mum jumping in the pool! All dressed, with her shoes... and then she just jumped back out with a lot of words that I won't repeat here! I had to cover my ears with my paws... And she starts patting her legs and take out her phone...
And then she tries to get dad's attention waving and shouting and dripping... Nope dad's in full mowing trance.
I was just so embarrassed by her gaucheness that I could only stare at her from the other side. Really can't take her anywhere, lucky I hadn't invited mates over.
Mum was grumbling that she could die in that swimming pool and nobody would notice her little dead body floating. She was a bit grim and overreacting really... I would have jumped on her for a play!! :P
But dad did really not see her for a good while. I would say more than 5 minutes of her pestering and dripping all over the place *giggles*
With all her dramatic arm waving she's fine, I don't see her issue with the fact she went in the pool really! I had been in at least 10 times before her and I didn't make such a fuss, but what do you want... However, I don't think her phone liked it very much... It's looking a bit lifeless...
How am I going to do all my blogging and tweeting now?! I'll have to share the computer with mum, and gosh she is so slow to type... I'll never be able to do anything... That's why I'm so much behind in my blogging!
fairly accurate representation
of mum...

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