Thursday, 17 April 2014

Where is she???

So I'm waiting and working my nose... Mum made some big bags on the week end after washing the content of the house several times over. I tried to help getting everything fitting in there, checked what she was putting in there. I even tried to sneak in one of her bag, but she found me when she had to weight the bag to check a limit...
Later on, we all went in the car and mum got out at the train station with all of her bags but dad and I didn't?? We both went to our training and did some agility. Then when we came back home later, mum wasn't there. I checked again and again, but even next morning I couldn't find her on her side of the bed. I miss my mummy :(
I'm trying to find some clues of were she is from the pictures appearing from her phone, but it's all weird things I don't know! There was a pic from a big machine through a window.
Then I found a picture of a place, that's more helpful for me to track her. Haven't seen that place before, but I'm keeping the pic in mind and will keep an eye open and my nose to the ground when we go on a walk with dad. Maybe it's on the south side of Sydney harbour?
Mmmmm, I hope I will find her soon because I need a mummy cuddle and she always tuck me to bed well so I'm not cold in the evening. Dad doesn't tuck me in properly...

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