Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Monday dramas

There was too much confusion yesterday, I can't take it!

First mum did the morning walk when it's normally dad who takes me for my morning fun. Then she didn't come back to take me to RallyO training! But, dad got ready and went to training with me! What is that all about?!?! Dad doesn't know any of the steps. Monday is my time with mum :(
We had to go in the baby side and do drills with the signs isolated... I'm sulking that's it. I'm not even going to tell him that I had fun, we also did some crazy retrieving in the dark. We couldn't see each there and I'm not even speaking about the dummy that dad threw... Luckily they both smell *sniggers*
But I'm still not telling him, I'll keep crying loudly...

And when we came back home, mum was still not there! What's going on?!?!
Turns out she has been at a European Agility method lecture from OMD, and WITHOUT me! What's the use of doing agility stuff without me, hey? She says she got some cool ideas for training, but I don't care, I am very offended... and sulking...

All that change to my routine, and the added outrage of mum doing some sneaky agility is too much for me to bear. I am going to ignore her and not talk to the minions... unless they give me treats, then I'll just get the treat and ignore them, yup. Or unless they call me, yeah I have to come then, but... Ok I'm not sure when I'll ignore them, but don't you worry! I will!!!

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