Thursday, 17 April 2014

Need to take those nose work lessons...

Sorry guys, I've been very busy since the week end. I'm on a mission, t'is very serious!! Mum has disappeared!!! But I'll tell you all about it in the next post. I'll tell you what we've done this weekend.
We went to agility training on saturday and there was only a few of us. Apparently there was a whole lot of things happening. There was some seminar where pups were getting their handlers to learn some funky agility moves from One Mind Dogs (need to get the thoughts on this from mum who went to the lecture last week). And there was also a trial at the Easter show. We didn't go to that one and I'm a bit relieved because I'm not sure I want to do  trial dressed as the easter bunny!! That's what you have to do for the Easter show, no?
Anyway as there was a few people only we did a lot of training and running. It was great, I even busted a big GSP crazy run at the beginning when mum tried to do our first run. She didn't look impressed but I thought it was pretty cool. Oh gosh do you think that could be why she's disappeared?? Cause she wasn't happy about me going for my crazy run and not answering her? mmmm.... but we did a lot of training, mum ended up running with funny boy Monty. All of us were quite pooped by the end. And then something funny happened. The minions exchanged their cars cause dad was going to see Grandpa Frank in South Sydney, but he left with mum's car without leaving the keys to the other car to us! BOL!! Once again mum wasn't impressed... I get to think she's never happy with what we do... She was waving frantically to her phone and looking everywhere in the car, tsehehe! And then dad came back to give us the keys. Mum and I went back home and had a funny play and then I decided to conserve my energy so lazied on my bed for the rest of the day, while scrolling through my twitter.

On Sunday we didn't do anything particularly out of the ordinary. Big run with dad in the morning, wash of the feet etc.
But the minions did a lot of gardening and obviously did my best to help, though I have the definite feeling, my help was once again not appreciated and valued! What does a little pup's got to do round here?
Mum also kept washing the whole content of the house, I think she must have done it at least twice with the amount of washing she did... for sure!

And that was approximately it, offered to help with the chickens but my offer got rejected, meanly I shall add, et voila!
Now I need to turn my nose to solve the problem of mum's disappearance...

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