Friday, 11 April 2014


Uh oh! Dad's got a new idea... That can be either great or terrible... I like to run a lot, well I'm a GSP! Big surprise there... I have also occasionally been known to pull a tad when walking, just a little bit! But I'm pretty good these days. Now the idea is related to a a cool thing called Joring. There are a lot of different types of Joring adapted with dogs, such as a rapidly growing sport called Canicross. It's basically jog-joring! The idea is the minion and I are somehow attached with a special lead/harness and we go for a jog, I pull my little heart out and get the jogging minion behind me going a bit faster than their traditional snail pace. Now that sounds cool to me, but apparently mum isn't convinced. She has images of being dragged behind a supercharged turbo tractor. As if I would drag my minions in the mud... Now maybe I should learn how to fly a kite... yup feel like flying some kites....
doesn't that look fun
(tis not me, I poached it from the t'internet
but can't remember the site!)

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