Thursday, 3 April 2014

Lots of dog years!

It was mum's Birthday yesterday. She was a lot of dog years, I can't count on my paws,I get confused with the amount!! But even though she's got older, she still had to go to work :( 
However when she came back home, I took her for a treat: a walk with me!! Now that's a present isn't it?! I also added a few big licks and some mad tail wagging with it :P
It was a lovely walk too, even if it was a bit hot and humid. Played on the kids play ground and did a bit of seesaw! Tried to run up the slide but I kept sliding backward on the metal slope, so I gave up after a while... Dunno why mum was giggling, t'is serious business!!
Then I decided that we needed to do some selfies! Now mum doesn't like pics of herself, but I do!! so I just had to be quick. Took her new phone and snap, took a shot before she could run out!
We came back home for a celebratory pizza afterwards. Mum still had to make fun of me... I let it slide because it was her Birthday but really? The whole pack of mince needed to balance on my head? really?!?!? I know it was for my treats but could have just made them without all that malarkey
At least today she did make the effort! I even have two types of home made treats, my "traditional" beef mince loaf (got carrots in it!) and these special steak-egg-tuna bones: YUMMY!! Can't wait to try them in the morning!
Time for some more post Birthday cuddle now. See you next time :)

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