Sunday, 9 March 2014

A bit of trust here please!

Today I went with mum on a big walk. We started a bit later than usual because mum was mumbling about a headache... dunno what she means, I was fine! As we started late, obviously it was quite hot but I made her carry my water, that's why it's always useful to take a minion during ones walk, they carry your effects... We did so many kilometres I stopped counting but it was great. I did my best to pull mum around tsehehe... And when we came home I had a welcome dip in the pool plus I played agility with mum. Phew busy busy busy! But then I heard the chicks having a ball around the garage, I couldn't believe it!! Dad was spending his morning with the chicks!! Yes you heard it right, NOT ME!! the chicks... *appalled*  and I have the proof! Look!!!
Then for all my good behaviour they tied me up to a post, you want to know why??
butter wouldn't melt!
Well that was one of their torture plan! again... See those little feathery chicks in their temporary sleeping quarters?
 Look where they put me, sniff sniff. As if I would have gone to terrorise them if they had let me free... There is no trust in this relationship. Look how all relaxed I am? I am such a perfect angel... ;P
Hope now they will trust me and we can all run free together like a big happy family... what minions? what does "in your dreams" mean??? But... but... I was so good!!!

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