Monday, 10 March 2014

Easy lazy monday

Was sick last night, didn't sleep well :( and I must say I made sure the minions didn't either. I'm very selfless like that, I like to share... So I had an easy day today, not much done considering normal levels of minions training. I guess it was still a lot for some pups out there... Bit of running, bit of rally-O and agility training and lots of snoozings. So not too much to report really.
Was a good day cause dad stayed working at home so I had him all to myself. And saw nana for a few minutes. Wished she had stayed longer but I heard she will come back so yeah!

I got to enjoy the backyard a lot and spent my time rolling around and playing lazily with my yellow HiBounce ball. Was really cool :) Feeling better now, hopefully will be 100% crazy GSP tomorrow!
I'm having a bit of "us" time with ball
No mum you can't have my ball...
or you'll have to come and get it mwahaha
oh no! Ball come back I promise I won't chew you again!!

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