Thursday, 6 March 2014

They're getting big

Gosh, saw the chicks again today. I think the minions must have exchanged them for bigger ones because those ones are really much bigger... Mum tells me they are the same but I don't believe it...
Look how big those things are, even in the dark you can see, they don't eve have the same colours!
These seem to have some interesting extensible necks as well, one moment they are all small and the next they've doubled up in height, with their raggedy half fluffed neck...
But I'm still thinking that they are plotting against me... so maybe mum is right and they are the same, I'm just hoping they won't make my life a misery... They've already hacked into my twitter account once, who knows what they will do next?!
And look they are already making fun of me! What have the minions done! What an idea to take those chicks!!!!!

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