Friday, 21 March 2014

Trotting about

Had a lovely walk with mum tonight, was really happy! And mum took some very yum treats... we even had some raw mince!! I mean when I say we... didn't let mum have any for herself...
It's getting dark earlier already and we've seen some beautiful sky colours. Mum was looking at that but I was more interested in tracking those pesky cats in their driveways... I know they are there, I can smell them, didn't see them though. But I got the distinct impression that mum was giggling and talking with something behind me while I was trying to sniff them out a bit further.... Wonder who she was talking to??
We also met some cool neighbours. A lovely old lady labrador who was walking her dad. She was really friendly and wanted to play, me too! But unfortunately her age was showing a bit and she's had some surgery too so she couldn't really move well. I've been a good boy and I didn't mess her around. I'm a gentleman like that, don't want to ball over lovely elderlies! 
T'was a good time, now I'm off to bed, need to get some zzz before training tomorrow. And I need to get my pom poms to cheer on my buds who are going to a full weekend of agility trial. Not going me, the minions had "too much work"...pfff...

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