Monday, 3 March 2014

New diet :)

I'm starting to think it was a good move on my part to have a bit of an adolescent episode!
Minions have been really thinking lately about how to keep me relaxed and happy and what they could ameliorate in my very poor and abused life... One of the main health target for anybody either us pups or even minions, is FOOD. Heard mum talk about a saying "you are what you eat"... not sure if she will then transform in A] a snail B] a calf head C] chocolate D] pigs trotters... the list might get a bit long on second thought but if I can have my say, I'd prefer B or D so far...
see I really look sad and abused
Anyway back on what I was saying. Yes MY wellbeing :)

So they have taken a long hard look at my food. It's never been too bad really lots of yummy things and some occasional shinbones. But a lot of it was based on dry kibble, good ones but still kibble. Hard stuff are good for the teeth they make me chew and keep the tooters clean, but sometimes it's not always agreeing well with ones very sensitive majestic body. So they have decided, with the advice of some lovely agility pals' mum, to change me onto mostly raw food! 

*drools* does that mean I can go and get the rabbits mum?? What no? But you said...?!! Whatever...

So now my diet consists of some yummy raw mixes from BARF (there are different types but for now it's the ones I got). So far we have tested chicken (but the minions won't take it again) rabbits (at last I get to taste rabbits, would prefer to catch them myself but hey...) and kangaroo (bit lean but I adore that, it's my preferred one!).
Next we'll test the beef and the lamb, not sure what other flavours there are, think there is pork and turkey as well. 
Then I also get some raw lamb neck (YUM) and just a little bit of kibble for a tad of texture!

I've been very well since they've started that and I absolutely looove all the changes. The only complaint I have is that the minions keep cutting the lamb necks into quarters. Why make more work for themselves?! Just give me the whole thing and be done with it!
see how small the bits are? barely 300grams...
just give me the whole lot would you...
So pups, make sure you tell your minions to look at your food and see if they can get things a bit better. It doesn't have to be too costly, complicated or time consuming. But it's worth looking at changes possible to make it tastier and healthier for us. As the ad for those stoopid human skin and fur products say "because we're worth it" :P

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