Saturday, 8 March 2014

Busy bees

Hello there, what you doing today? Been a bit busy with the minions today me...
why you take picture that give me a big nose mum :(
We went and did a nice big morning of agility. It was great because both mum and dad ran with me. I liked that :). It was really hot though so when we got back I requested to go for a swim (got to be firm with minions...). I had to go and get my dummy that mum kept dropping in the pool over and over again. She is so not careful I tell you.
Then, in between a few swims the minions continued to build the chicks' house. It's slowly filling up but I think it's still a bit drafty for my liking.
And that's just a small highlight of the whole day. I'm a tad pooped now, so I'll go and snooze if you don't mind, nighty night everybody zzzzzz.

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