Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Yummy special treats

You know what's good when minions look at food and chat with my buddies' minions at the training club? Well they get real good ideas!! For example my mate Bodhi has got some fab Foodie Friday recipe book on his blog. And lately, the minions have been inspired by a few and have been making homemade treats for big training and trial days. YUM.
So far I've had some liver fudge, some kangaroo loaf and beef meat loaf. The beef one they have been mishmashing things and produced something pretty good! It's got half a pack of minced beef, an egg, a shredded carrot, a handful of flour and a spoonful of peanut butter!!! 
hurry up on that grated carrot dad!
They mix all that up and spread it on some greaseproof paper before putting in in the oven. It smells so yummy but mum never let's me open the oven to take some. She says it's not cooked yet, or it's too hot, or too much... gnagnagna...
I've always got to do something to get some, such hard work... But I guess that's worth it!
Beef loaf, doesn't look pretty but it's pretty yummy!

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