Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Another silly turkey!

What is it with bush turkeys?? They are not really intelligent really. We encountered one on our walk with mum. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still interested and give them a look, but they are so silly that a little leave it from the minions will do to take my attention away from them.

So here we pass along next to the big turkey... And then what does it do? Starts following us! Couldn't get rid of the thing... It even got attacked by some nasty mynah birds, felt a bit sorry for the brainless turkey...

Guess it's not the poor bird's fault... But geez let me draw you a picture mate: me hunting dog, you bird prey of hunting dog... prey does not follow hunter... Is that clearer?? Mmmmm not convinced it went through, I'll keep going maybe with repetition and treats? Will ask mum to get her clicker for clicker training the bush turkey next time, we'll put a bit of sense in that little head!
crazy turkey...

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