Sunday, 23 March 2014

Another big weekend

The minions and I had another crazy big weekend. Lots of my buddies from agility were away to a full weekend trial, so there was not as many pups at training on saturday morning. We did a lot of jumping! And it was hot! Was supposed to be raining and cool from what dad told us, uh dad? where did you get your forecast??

In between agility runs the minions took me around either walking or running after the ball and doing some retrieving training. Was full on!
Then went back home, but dad and I went a different way! We passed next to the train station and we picked up nana!! Yay, she came back home with us :D
When we arrived back home I still demanded a swim before my cuddles though. And then we played with the chickens :)... ok not really... I wish...
The minions have been on a drive to finish the chicks new bachelorette pad, due to my threat of an eviction letter for disturbing my peace. So they said that we were going to do some training. Basically that means they spent the afternoon torturing me... But at least the coop is advancing.
see tortured...
I was so good that I got some lamb neck for dinner, yummy! And plenty of cuddles :)
This morning I had to drag mum out of bed for our big sunday morning walk. It was really hard work, she's getting sneakier and sneakier. I push her one way and she just rolls the other. Took me a whole 30 minutes... as if 7am was sooo early!?! gosh she's lazy...

Well after a bit she finally got ready and we went  for a walk. Was fun, lots of challenges for me as there was a cycling event going in the area. Lots of families and little kids on bikes. But I behaved perfectly and did not get stressed at all. Yay me!!
The only thing that upset mum was that we crossed the path of lots of small pups who just yapped and tried to lunge at me :( Wasn't even looking at them or paying them any attention. We even had two different off leash dogs rushing towards us in the street, not in a very friendly matter. We were just walking! Mum stopped them and told them to ahem... go back home... but she didn't use those words exactly...
Anyway was still a fab walk and longer that what mum though of doing, I'm not going to complain about that!
magic mushrooms :)
When we got back nana was just getting ready to go, hope she'll be back soon. I sniffed out some little cuttlefish bones she forgot just after she left though. Twas for her cockatiel! We'll keep them safe here.

Then the minions did some more stuff on the chicks pad and then they went all excited, so I did too. Didn't want to miss out you see... even if I had no real idea why...

But the minions were acting suspiciously... they gave me a pig's ear and placed my bed just in front of the window, then they went out without me...
And guess what I saw them do!!!! They had caught the chicks and were parading about in the front garden. WHAT?!! I can't play with the chicks and they can? That is NOT fair!!
At least they came back to take me over there, but they didn't let me play with them still. Really not fair. The chicks were running around and gosh I really wanted to play... Ooops think the minions said more training required *sigh*
all right I'll sit down but only if they
stop shaking their  feathery bums at me
Was so much packed into this weekend, I've only just given the highlights here, so dad and I went to have a nice relaxing dip in the spa :) no bubbles though... a bit too scary.
ahhhh relaaaaxxx
I found a new thing to do this evening, I have been staring at the minions intently without saying anything. Drove them a bit crazy mwahaha. I got a bit tired of staring after a while so started snoozing but I keep that idea for later. It was too good tsehehe.
what do you mean stop staring?


  1. I like you blog and have linked you to the blog my daughter and I work on about out two GSP.

    1. Thanks a lot, glad you like it :) I'll go have a good sniff at your blog. Sounds there are a few feathery creatures around there by the name of it! *points*