Thursday, 13 March 2014

I'm excited!!

Oh gosh, I'm really excited!! You know what??? It's my birthday tomorrow!! Yup, I will be two, that means I'm a growed up pup and I can vote and pass my driving license... What? Why do you shake your head mum? Yes I can.

She just doesn't know what she is talking about... Anyway, I've prepared a list for the minions so they can make sure that my birthday is properly celebrated, just a few things like toys, treats, food, entertainment, a big cake with a pin up girly GSP popping out of... you know nothing out of the usual!

Mum took me for a walk and said that it was a special early present tonight. I got a bit worried when we went direction of the vet and she made me go in there! I know what they do there, and let me tell you they don't give you things... they steal things, important things, but ... I don't want to talk about it... At least that was just to put me on the scale to check that they were giving me enough of my new food, phew! I ran out of there quick just in case they changed their mind and think about playing with scalpels again *sniff*

So the treat was that we went in the back streets were there are plenty of rabbits!! I love rabbits and I get all excited. Mum says it's training and I think I'm pretty good considering, but gosh I'm just get so excited with their smelly little bums. We saw at least 20 tonight and I sniffed a lot more that I didn't see. Lucky mum had put the head halter because I think she would be armless by now, tsehehe.
And then we also did some fancy agility in the back yard and we had a lovely cuddle. T'was a pretty good evening really. Now I hope they will find all of the things I put on my birthday wish list...


  1. Hip hip hooray! Happy birthday buddy!! Have an awesome day & hope you really do get rabbit cake :-)

    1. Thanks mate! I didn't get a rabbit cake but I did get some raw rabbit mix :) had a lot of fun all day, and now going snoring! Hope you're having a great time yourself!