Friday, 2 August 2013

Routine is good for minions #2

I am finally back on, after I got mistreated by that vet. Did I tell you he stabbed me? And not only once, and mum saw it and she didn't say anything at all!! I'm sure that's abuse!
So anyway, where was I about the adequate training routine for my minions...
Oh yes, the right preparation for my daily occupations.
Well you see, I have to send both mum and dad to work during the day, so they can pay for my expensive tastes. They just overdo it and abandon me for the full day, but anyway, they try to make up for it by leaving me some stuff to do. What they don't know is that I enjoy having a biiiiiig loooong snooze while they are out, oh the bliss of silence. Until those pesky birds wake me up, or the neighbours' barkers.

So, after the whole faff about my breakfast, I go out to make sure the birds know that I am on duties. Then mum and dad get their stuff. Usually dad disappears and mum grumps that she has to make the place monster proof. That gets me a bit uneasy because there might be monsters in the house, I looked everywhere but so far, paws crossed, I haven't seen any! 

At this point, I am so sleepy that I go have a snooze on my bed to leave mummy choose my treats, I have some favourites and I realised that, the more miserable I look, the more I get treats! She always falls for it and gets a few more, yayyyy... Here comes the sad puppy eyes mwahaha! Anyway, I don't see why she needs to take only a few things out she should just leave me the boxes and I'll sort it out... :) 

Barely enough for a week, if you ask me

Amuse gueules

It cost the pig an ear and a foot,
instead of the usual arm and a leg,
though I wouldn't mind the usual...
So my day overall goes as:

1- When I am finally allowed (when mum is AT LAST ready to leave and stops running around), I go and hoard all my treats and start the hard work of eating them all
2- I go on my bed and fall in a treat induced coma (NO I don't snore!!!!!)
3- I wake up, I yawn, I have a scratch and a stretch
4- I do a little round of the perimeter of my kingdom
5- Oh a forgotten treat!
6- I go and have a snooze

7- I wake up, I yawn, I have a scratch and a stretch
8- I do a little round of the perimeter of my kingdom
9- Oh a forgotten treat!
10- I go and have a snooze

11- I wake up, I yawn, I have a scratch and a stretch
12- I do a little round of the perimeter of my kingdom
13- Oh a forgotten treat!
14- I go and have a snooze

15- I wake up, gah that's getting boring! What time is it? Damn, I need to remember to learn how to read that round stuff with moving part. Hmmmm let's go and rearrange a few things, oh a rug, tut tut tut shouldn't be there!!! Let's move it in the next room...
16- Go wait on the bed patiently...

And then at last they come back, never early enough if you ask me. And I am always bursting for a wee. But now we can start the end of day routine, yay.
Alright I'll paw that later, got to get ready for my walk.


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