Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Gardening pup

Mawson is a very helpful pup around the house. But, what he loves most is giving a hand when we do a spot of gardening. Cutting and pruning large leaves of the ferns and other plants is bad enough, but the worst is weeding. For the leaves he comes to carry them away wherever he wants and starts to chew them. Obviously changing his interest as soon as you cut a new leaf... But for the weeding you have to kneel down and get the double whammy of licks and kisses and weeds being pulled out of your hands, then half chewed and spat around.
If we are really lucky (that is to say we forgot to close the door...), Mawson takes a bit of work into the house and succeeds to render pieces of bark or wood into the smallest chips. I have had to de-clog the vacuums for so many times that I cannot confess.... Now if he could help with removing the scale insects off the trees, that would be helpful.

"helping" to carry those big leaves to the bin

wood chipper

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