Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday walk on the trail

Today was one of mum's drive to keep us both fit. As if I needed to be fitter, yeah right mum, that's me puffing like whatever after a small agility course.... Anyway, the cool thing is that she decided to try a trail through the national park (allowed for me!!) that we hadn't done before. Yipeeeee!

There was a bit of a sun out so she took a tiny bottle of water for both of us. I had to drink after her! Bleh, I'm sure she spat in it!!!! I liked the new route, plenty to sniff and quite a few slopes. I had to wait a few times for the dead weight I was dragging...

You're done crawling yet?
But I tried to hurry things up a bit. Mum is sooo sloooooww, I could have had time for a few naps on the way...

Traditional view for mum on our walks
We passed through some little streams, so I got to jump in the water and try to get all wet. It was hard because there wasn't much water, but I did a good job I think. Not as good as the brown lab we crossed a few metres before! He was pretty drenched!! He must have rolled through, oh why didn't I think of that this morning?
We did cross plenty of other dogs running through the trail like us. They weren't all enslaved like me, lucky them were free to have fun. But as usual mum had me all strapped in....

Even so, it was pretty good. We also saw that the bus stop mum had talked about before got an upgrade. Mum said she suspect somebody had snapped up the previous seating arrangements because these ones were tied up to the post.

Then when we were nearly back, mum finally realised why I was glurping all the treats she was offering. She hadn't given me breakfast!!!! I was staaaarving! We did leave pretty early it's true, but we came back at 12! Midday and I didn't have any brekky!! Only a few tiny biscuits and water!! Isn't that what prisoners get? 
I'm quite snoozy now, because they made me do all sorts of other stuff during the afternoon. I am shattered. Night night everybody. zzzzzzzzzz....

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