Sunday, 4 August 2013

Agility trial

Today was a bit of a crazy day. The Northern Suburbs Dog Training Club, where we do our obedience and agility training with mister pup, was having their annual agility trials. It was our first agility trial attendance, but definitely not the last. We might be crazy and do some agility competition and I have started thinking that I might also go for obedience trials! I must be mad!!!
Mawson did not enter for this year's NSDTC competition, because he is just a little pup (the lower limit for competing dogs is 18 months!) but he took notes of what to do, and what absolutely not to do (I am a bit concerned he might have put gold stars on the what not to do stuff...Martin will have to see...).

Martin was doing his duties and helping at the stewarding tables. He got some good tips and an overall very educational day. During that time, I was keeping mister pup busy with some walks, doing some bits and pieces of obedience training and a big bit of crowd mingling. We even behaved like a good pup with a little girl coming for a pat! I was very pleased.

So for the occasion Mawson got a new collar especially for agility (can't have a dangling tag for that so need an embroided collar with his details) and also a stretchy lead that doubles as a toy - also for agility. Who's a spoilt boy, hey?
Even more than that, we got some old agility equipment that we are going to revive, and get Mawson in tip top shape.

We are all a bit snoozy now as it was a fairly early start for a sunday. We had to get there at 6.30am so we got up at 5.30am!! Even Mawson was yawning...

A little distraction from looking at agility

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