Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sniff sniff, treat detected!

Mum and dad are always very forgetful. They don't understand that I need my treats all the time, because I have a high metabolism, you see... 

They always leave them somewhere I can see, and I am never allowed to help myself. 
They are so mean :(! If I try to get it, mummy tells me right off with a big scary "Mawson". Even when she has her back turned, she always seems to know what I am doing! I'm sure they have put cameras in the joint... So now, I stand there, staring at the food, occasionally whining a bit (I get told off for that too! Poor me!). 

It doesn't always work though, so I really need to find how to make sure I get all those treats... I am pretty sure that if I stare at it long enough, and really concentrate, it will magically fly into my mouth...

It's there!!! I can see it!!

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