Sunday, 25 August 2013

Usual lazy sunday

The weather was beautiful today so it was time for another very nice walk on the fire trail. There are so many different entries and paths that every time, we end up going a different way.

We can definitely feel that spring is getting nearer as there was quite a few flowers out, even some from the grass trees. 

spear like flowers from the grass trees

After a bit of a run up the hill, we had a little stop to take in the view at Cliff top, and have a sip of water. Mawson is getting very good at drinking from his water bottle, just need to explain to daddy how to give him the water from the bottle, because he looked like he was waiting for mister pup to suck on the sport bottle....
The view

looking the same way

And back on our way home, but not before striking a pose on top of a big rock next to the cliff edge.

majestic pose in front of the cliff  :P
We followed the excitement of the walk by a bit of agility training in the backyard and a well deserved puppy shampooing. Now there is a beautifully smelling snoring pup on his bed under a pile of nice freshly washed blankies. Only the tuna breath is a bit of a let down....

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