Monday, 5 August 2013

Oz garden visitors

We have a pretty nice Australian (quasi) native garden in our house. I like the fact that we also get a few indigenous species of fauna passing through, and I am not talking about all the birds and the possums... We have seen two blue tongue lizards (one big and one small). I am really happy about them being around, I am making sure that Mawson never gets to play with them. Not that he would be courageous enough to go near, but you never know with him. They are great lizards that love to eat snails like me! And slugs (not like me!!). This means I can't get rid of slugs anyway, because I do not want to poison the lizards nor the snails... I'm hoping we will see them back when the weather hots up again :).

The biggest of the resident blue tongue lizards

In a less popular and less attractive way, but also very useful, we get a lot of spiders of all sorts, the most impressive are the golden orbs, they are huge! I also like the silver orb much smaller and they have a shiny silver abdomen, very cute...

A "little" golden orb spider (the body was at least an inch)

I'm sure I'll have a few more visitors to show later on. For now, we are trying to eradicate some pesky parasites that eat up our trees :(

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