Saturday, 24 August 2013

RSPCA cupcake day at the NSDTC

Today is cupcake day at the Northern Suburb Dog Training Club where we go to do the agility and obedience with Mawson. All the proceeds go to the RSPCA. The club promotes quite a few rescues and not only the big organisations like the RSPCA, but also smaller established ones such as Monika's rescue. Somehow, I said I was going to make some cupcakes to help. Or did I actually say that? I think somebody volunteered me....
The issue: French don't do cupcakes. We do big whole cakes, not bite sizes that won't touch the sides of your stomach... hehehe ;). So that means I had to find a recipe and experiment. I could also have simply taken one of my trusted recipes for big cakes and placed it in small cups but where is the fun and adventure of that! 

After an initial full failure (very wrong recipe...) I had a much improved second practice (though my decorating skills are pretty poor).

Practice run of cupcakes without cups...

But now for the full final bake, eeeek... Hope they like it! Lemon and poppy seed cupcakes with lemon butter icing and the same but with orange replacing the lemon.

I forgot to take a pic of the final batch in the rush, but you can see them on the far left. There was plenty of yummy cupcakes with amazing decorations, but I was also pretty proud of my efforts. They did touch the sides of the stomach (maybe that was the number eaten!) so we had to run the course a few more times for the calories... Even Mawson had a mini cupcake made especially with dog friendly ingredients, he gulped it in half a second and looked at me for the next...

Pics thanks to NSDTC with part of the agility crew

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